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Kuchis Confirmed

I already knew they were, but now it has been confirmed, as the two were spotted swapping DNA in Central Park earlier this week. Now that I know for sure they are trickin’ it together, I can now dub this pair…


Pronounced ‘Koo-chies’.

For those of you hoping that Kutcher would run back to Demi or that Mila would save herself for someone less of a douche…fuggedaboutit! Mila is hot hot hot and she can get any man she wants, so I hope she knows what she’s doing with this cougar killer. And she might want to watch her back, because who knows how much Demi could be missing her soon to be ex-husband? So she might want to always be on the lookout for flying cans of Whip-Its!

Mila should also remember that her best years are ahead of her and she doesn’t want to waste the best years of her life on the tired!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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