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More than just celebrity gossip


Expect Kristen Stewart To Sweep THESE Awards

As far as I am concerned, these announcements just confirm what anyone blessed with the sense of sight already know. And speaking of sight, Stewart always looks as if she just rolled out of bed and smells like an out-of-servicekristen-stewart-vmag-2013-(1) trucker stop. And calling her a style icon is like calling Rosie O’Donnell a fitness guru.

But, I digress…

Because looking like you just passed a silent but deadly fart for half of a movie does not a screen actress make! So I don’t care if she is the highest paid actress in Hollywood these days, Kristen Stewart is about to be verbally slapped upside her fat head with a slew of Razzies. Mark my words!

The 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards were just announced and Stewart copped two: one for  Worst Actress in Breaking Dawn Part 2 and another for Snow White and the Huntsman. Their academy should make it a tie should she win, so she can go up to the podium twice to thank all the people that contributed to her raggedy performances.

I predict for 2013 and now that the Twilight series has thankfully run its course, Kristen Stewart will fall by the wayside where she belongs to make way for the real true talent and It Girl…Jennifer Lawrence!

Yeah, I went there. K-Stew can suck it long and hard!


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