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Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian chat with Jay Leno (VIDEO)

Expect to see and hear more of Kim Kardashian and her hubby Kris Humprhies. Yes, it IS possible, my dears. The big fat Fairytale nuptials or whatever they are calling it airs this weekend and K&K are making the promotional rounds to show everyone their union is real and blah blah blah.

In what is their FIRST joint television interview, the newlyweds stop by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to answer questions relating babies, married life and the Kris’ clash with sister Khloe.

Regarding those baby rumors Kim said, “Do I look like it? I’m not. I was warning Kris [because] it was kind of difficult [for him] because he wasn’t really used to all the tabloid stuff. I said, ‘watch, as soon as we start dating we will be getting engaged and getting married’… and then all that happened.”

Humphries added, “So they were right about a little bit of it!”

Kim then added, “Then it will be the baby rumors or one is cheating or one is this or that but no, I’m not pregnant. I want to wait a little bit.”

I love how she says, “I” want to wait a little bit. Poor Kris. Check out the interview videos below.

Image via Wireimage.com

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