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Kris and Bruce Jenner talk Kim Kardashian’s Divorce on Ellen DeGeneres Show

KRIS and BRUCE JENNER make an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, February 14th to chat about daughter Kim’s short marriage and divorce. Will they ever quit talking about this hot mess marriage slash divorce? Gawd.


Kris: I trust my kids and we give them a lot of support. As a Mom you want your kids to be really happy. What makes them happy makes us happy. It’s our job to support them so I don’t question some of their decisions. Obviously we have internal conversations….What the hell are you doing?

Bruce: Maybe we should start questioning some of their decisions. They’re adults. Kim, once she got into the relationship it was going so fast. Kimberly is in love. She’s now 31 years old. She’s not married doesn’t have any kids. I mean, she wants that in her life and she was pushing for it. I think once she got into she realized this is not going to work. And she knew she was going to take the heat. If it ended in 72 days or 3 years from now. She would of taken the heat. She’s a smart woman and said hey, I have to cut my loses and move on. It was horrible. I felt terrible.

Ellen: I can’t imagine what she felt like after the huge wedding and all the publicity and it was on the show. And then to say it’s not working…that must be hard.

Bruce: It was a tough decision to make. She is a very strong woman.

Ellen: Yes, she is. Would you now say if she comes home and says I’m in love and this guys great and he’s totally different this is really it. Wouldn’t you say don’t do it?

Bruce: The next guy’s got to go through me.

Ellen: Good. Is that good?

Kris: Yeah, it’s a good thing. He’s really tough. He’s tougher than I am.

Bruce: I’ve been through a lot.

Kris: You’re a professional?

Bruce: Yeah…I can tell if it’s going to work or not.

Ellen: Looking back now. Did you know now that would not of worked with Kris? Can you say that now? Would you say I saw signs?

Bruce: I had my questions. I remember when Kris came to me. We were playing golf and he asked me is it ok for me to ask for hand in marriage? In the back of my head I said, I don’t know if she is going to say yes. But it’s not my decision. Go for it…

Hopefully by then this family will be long gone from the industry.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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