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Kim clears up those pesky cake rumors…

[picappgallerysingle id=”9967410″]Kim Kardashian, million dollar birthday cake?

Everyone should celebrate their birthday in style, though some birthdays are more significant than others requiring even more style- or dollar signs- in order to provide adequate celebratory festivities.

With that in mind, Kim Kardashian is planning on celebrating her 30th birthday in style this Saturday, with a birthday party at Glo Nightclub in Westbury, New York. And by in-style, I mean she’ll be sporting a diamond encrusted cake is reported to be worth around, oh, a MILLION dollars. Or is she?

After thanking everyone for all the happy birthday wishes, Kim cleared up the rumor on her blog:

“… there are some things I wanted to clear up today. I’m seeing some ridiculous stories today about a million-dollar birthday cake being made for my ‘birthday party.’

First of all, this si the first I’ve heard about this, and I would never allow anyone to spend that much money on a cake. Making a million dollar birthday cake is just ridiculous! I’d rather they give me a cupcake and donate the rest of the money to the homeless!

Secondly, I’ve already had my birthday club celebrations at Tao in Vegas and NYC and there are not only no other birthday parties this weekend.”

It seems the only upcoming birthday event planned is a private celebration with friends and family.  Kim also apologizes for anyone having been “mislead” by it all.

I must say I had my doubts when I first heard about this. Apart from a few of the Super Sweet 16 girls, I couldn’t think of anyone who would spring for a million-dollar cake. And then there’s the logistics of it all- you can’t eat diamonds… so it didn’t really make sense. Plus, if I’m going to have that much moola invested in diamonds, they aren’t going to be on a cake for everyone to either accidentally ingest or take home for themselves. pft.

So kudos to Kim for calling a spade a spade- and Happy Birthday!

Stella is a self proclaimed domestic goddess, a small town girl with a love of fashion and gossip. No, seriously. Oh, and caffeine. She loves caffeine.

Stella Bella – who has written 1140 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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