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Victoria Gotti: Kim Kardashian consulted divorce lawyer two days before wedding

Ok so we’ve seen the tears (albeit possibly fake)…the anguish on Kim Kardashian’s face since she announced to the world that she and Kris Humphries are dunzo after just 72 days of wedded bliss. Ahem. But in a report by Victoria Gotti, this divorce was supposedly planned way before Kim even walked down the aisle.

Details below.

Victoria Gotti claims that, “She was done with the marriage before it even became official. Kim was shifting gears from pre-wedding jitters to postwedding business deals.”

Gotti’s source also added that, “Kim started telling family and friends that she and Kris were splitting just three days after the wedding and that she had mom Kris Jenner‘s help as she moved on to her next moneymaking venture.”

Now THAT is a greedy beotch.

We reported the other day that Kris Humphries’ dad William was not only shocked by the divorce but so was Kris! Apparently he had no idea that a divorce was in the midst.

If this is true, that Kim faked this whole damn thing, oh how I hope the Kardashian empire falls to pieces.

Image via Wireimage.com

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  1. Where did you get this info?? Did Victoria call you?