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Another Kardashian Kometh


And now that she has a 17TH ASS ON HER MIDSECTION baby bump to whore out to the cameras, there’s no stopping the little piss catcher that could. Kim Kardashian may not be pimping her baby out on her reality television shows once it comes out of her curvaceousness, but until that child is out on its own?

She’s gonna advertise the hell outta that bump!

Kanye West’s greatest mistake ever is already Instagramin‘ her little burgenoing babu bump for all her fans to see. With a little assistance from sister Khloe, Kimmy has her dress pulled up to reveal that she is indeed with child.

Of course, she’s with child. It’s not like she’s Nicole Kidman or Beyonce. You know, women with REAL careers. They ain’t got time for birthin’ no babies. They are of the ‘throw a pillow underneath for 9 months as the surrogate gets stretch marks‘ set.

And has she and Kanye decided on a name for this child? I am personally of the DO NOT CARE set, but if they need some suggestions, I have a few. One of them rhymes with….RUNT.

Keep them K’s comin’!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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