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The ‘Killer Elite’ Trailer Hits

The action-thriller Killer Elite just exploded all over the internet with it’s slam-bang trailer.

You gotta love a trailer that ends with a punch to the crotch. Yup, that’s right. What more do you need? Ok fine, how about Jason Statham going head to head versus Clive Owen? They look like two retired rugby players.

And when was the last time you saw Robert DeNiro involved in hand to hand combat?

Killer Elite is Statham’s second remake of 2011 (following The Mechanic). The original was a 1975 picture starring James Caan and Robert Duvall that was directed by Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch, Straw Dogs). The plot feels all too familiar; former SAS man Danny Bryce (Statham) springs into action when his mentor Hunter (Robert De Niro) is kidnapped by the villainous Spike (Clive Owen).

It’s a very cool trailer, except they do lose me with “BASED ON A TRUE STORY”.

Here is your first look at Killer Elite => Killer Elite trailer


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