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Katy Perry’s Stalker Is Kind Of Dumb

Katy Perry’s stalker isn’t bright

If I was to stalk a star again, I would want to be damn sure that I was actually following them.  Unlike Katy Perry’s new stalker who just can’t seem to get it done right.

Wednesday night, there was a “fan” camped outside of Mrs. Russell Brand‘s home in Los Feliz.  Probably nothing new or exciting, since she is a celebrity.  But when her security noticed he was just standing there staring at the house and had been there for OVER TWO HOURS it was time to call the police.

Lucky for everyone the LAPD showed up, gave the guy a warning and sent him on his way.  The only thing is, Katy wasn’t even home!  The “fan” had spent all that time “looking at her” and she wasn’t even there!

Come on man, that’s stalker 101!  Know where the object of your obsession is at all times!  Sheesh! How else are they going to know just how much they mean to you? I mean, besides all of the love letters that you send them on an hourly basis.

Image via Wireimage.com

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