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Kate Hudson Does Elle UK Cover and Photos


Kate Hudson is doing a bit of promotion for her coming movie musical called Nine and so here she is on the cover of Elle UK. Now while the photos Hudson takes for the shoot are somewhat futuristic, her comments on men (excuse me…”boys”) are rather entertaining. Check out the photos and Hudson’s view on “boys” after the jump.

Prepare yourself, my friends, for a good laugh, a big fat “whhhhaaaatttt???!!!” or a severe head scratching resulting in confusion. Kate Hudson was probably better off NOT saying anything in this interview. Ummm and yes, I am sure this is really Kate and not Megan Fox. Kthanks.

Sit down with your teddy bear and your little blankie and giggle along with Kate as if you really find her words intelligent.

So just what does Kate think about boys?

Hudson says, “I sometimes feel like when you’re talking to boys, they just hear certain keywords…But if you had a bubble above their head, they’d be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food.”

Kate goes on to say, “I love boys…but I believe they’re really simple. Every guy likes to say that they’re complicated, but they’re so easy to figure out. What did that Dr. Laura say? Something like, ‘All men want is sex and for you to make them a sandwich.’ I thought that was really funny—and not entirely untrue.”
“Did you know that it was this one, on my right hand? I hear about this and I’m like “Why would I even respond? What would I say if you’re going to lie about something ridiculous? And if you really did your job, you’d look at the pictures taken that day and realize [the ring] was on my right hand.’

Ummm and how old are we?

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