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Kanye West’s Clothing Line Gets Dumped


I guess karma really is a big beotch! Just ask Kanye West! Life isn’t looking so peachy for West these days. Remember that fabulous clothing line that West has been working on reportedly for YEARS? Yep, just after two days…it is dunzo.

Now while we know the fashion industry is suffering a tad, especially those celebrities who want to slap their names on a label. You can now add Kanye West along to the “Epic Fail” roster.

This must be very tragic for the singer as not only is he the greatest rapper to ever live, his fashion sense is also the best in the world as well. Geez, total suckage! (Sense the sarcasm, I hope?)

Life has just thrown Kanye 29293848 barrels of lemons. According to EOnline.com, just TWO days after West’s clothing line Pastelle appeared on the web, the fashion project got yanked. What sucks even more is that West had been supposedly working on this clothing line for YEARS and now that dream is down the drain. Boo freakin’ hoo.

Perhaps West’s unruly public behavior (errrr towards Taylor Swift) has been a slight factor? Hmmm, you never know!

Considering that his upcoming tour with Lady Gaga has been canceled too has got to be depressing.

Danity Donnaly is a Midwestern mama with class, sass and a love for celebrity gossip. D is a former disc jockey and is a fierce dancer who looks forward to that morning cup of coffee. When she’s not delivering the dish, Danity can be found on Twitter talking smack or shaking her bon bon to any jam by Justin Timberlake or attempting to sing one of her favorite Mariah Carey songs without breaking a window. Yep, she’s THAT good!

Danity – who has written 12163 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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