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Kanye West Power Performance BET Awards Video

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Kanye West Power BET Performance 2010

I was almost expecting Kanye West to take the BET stage dressed in full armor, sporting a big fat bushy beard and strutting a caveman-like swagger, but lo-and-behold the I’m-going-to-let-you-finish-award-acceptance-speech interrupter was decked out in bright red and a huge necklace that was gawd awful fugly.

But forget about the wicky wild ensemble. One of the more surprising moments was when he took the stage he didn’t say a word. Yep, no words whatsoever. He performed and when he was finished he didn’t say a word. Does this mean that West may have talked to a good psychiatrist who maybe told him to think before he speaks?

The Power performance was indeed powerful. He worked through his anthem alone on stage. Yep no band. No background singers. There’s no word as to whether this was planned or he couldn’t get anyone to join the stage with him for his first performance since his open-mouth-insert-foot moment.

check out the Kanye West Power performance BET Awards video below. What do you think of West’s return to the stage?

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