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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian’s Ex Publicist To Be Served With A Subpoena by Kris Humphries Legal Team!

Kris Humphries is not messing around, peeps! Things are about to get crazy with his divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian. Depositions have already begun with Humphries working on his in his native Minnesota and now numerous individuals are being subpoenaed to testify. First Reggie Bush, Kanye West, Amber Rose and now Jonathan Jaxson will be served a subpoena by Kris Humphries’ legal team to give exclusive information on his time with Kim Kardashian and what silenced him from speaking about the time they spent together, so says a source close to the situation!

If you recall, Jonathan said he worked as Kim’s first publicist for two years but once Jonathan gave his two cents about Kim’s rumored Kris Humphries staged wedding, Kim’s lawyers said that Kim didn’t even know the guy! And with that she is said to have had her big guns lawyer silence him. PLUS, they made him make a public apology!

Here is Jaxson’s apology:

“I wanted to apologize publicly to Kim Kardashian for any confusion that I may have caused by the personal statements I made recently regarding Kim Kardashian,” Jaxson wrote on his website.

He continued, “I would like to further clarify that I did not have any first hand knowledge of Kim’s relationship with Kris.”

“Any statement I made regarding Kim and her marriage was my opinion only,” Jaxson added, “and was not intended to imply first hand knowledge of Kim’s thoughts and feelings.”

From my experiences, the truth always comes out in one way or another and Hump is balls out, wanting to push his truth out now. YIKES!

Celebrity VIP Lounge attempted contacting Jaxson for comment, however we were unable to reach him.

I don’t know about you but after watching the below video it sure looks as if Kim knows who Jaxson is.

Images via Wireimage.com

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