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John Travolta drops charges against extortionists

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John Travolta extortion charges dropped

Say, what?

Why did John Travolta and Kelly Preston decide to drop charges against extortionist Tarino Lightbourne and Pleasant Bridgewater? Well, they’ve had enough. And while I don’t blame Kelly and John for wanting to just end the drama that they have had to go through the past year, don’t these two yahoos deserve to be punished?

Apparently not.

Tarino and Pleasant were trying to get some big fat dolla dolla bills from John Travolta apparently in turn for keeping an ambulance waiver a secret the day that their son Jett died.

But now that a year has passed since the horrible tragedy, John wants this drama to be dunzo.

He released the following statement saying, “The first trial in this matter resulted in a heavy emotional toll on my family. It was finally time to put this matter behind us … I concluded that it was in my family’s best interest for me not to voluntarily return to the Bahamas to testify a second time at trial.”

According to TMZ, the Chief Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General, Neil Braithwaite, released the following statement, “The defendants have been discharged. Mr. Travolta is no longer interested in pursuing the matter because it has caused his family great emotional distress.”

How sad! It really, really is. I’m glad to hear that it is over but part of me is wondering what really is going on here? It just seems like there are a couple puzzle pieces missing. Hmm…

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