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Jim Carrey & SNL take on ‘Black Swan’

Jim Carrey, SNL Black Swan parody

Jim Carrey is known for his comedic talents, among other things, so it’s pretty much a no brainer that having him host Saturday Night Live would prove hilarious. And it did. I’m not sure if ya’ll caught last night’s episode of SNL with Carrey and musical guest The Black Keys (awesome, by the way).

One particularly awesome skit was Carrey’s and Bill Hader’s take on the latest psychological thriller Black Swan, but the funny doesn’t end there!  We’ve got all your video highlights and funny moments after the jump!

Last night’s SNL episode marked the first all new episode of the year, and it certainly didn’t disappoint as it started 2011- not surprising, of course, with host Jim Carrey.  From his opening monologue to the musical performances from The Black Keys, last night’s SNL rawked.

Check out the opening monologue HERE.

The Black Swan skit is an instant classic and you can click HERE to see for yourself, but another pretty hilarious skit that included Carrey was “Psychic Medium,” in which he delivers a variety of impersonations including Jimmy Stewart and Alan Thicke that is completely full of awesome. You can see that HERE, and I dare you not to laugh.

As for The Black Keys, the band delivered two awesome performances- playing their songs “Howlin’ For You” and “The Black Keys- Tighten Up.”  You can check out their performances HERE and HERE.

Of course, those are only a few of the show’s stand-out moments. You can view the episode in its entirety (start to finish) HERE. Enjoy!

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