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Jessica is not effing thrilled about Lachey engagement.

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Jessica Simpson on Nick Lachey’s engagement

Well it was going to come sooner or later. The sweet nice guy that Jessica Simpson let go would find a girl who he would spend happily ever after with and it just so happens that Vanessa Minnilo put in the time and captured Lachey’s heart.
So what does Nick’s ex-wife think about Nick finding happiness after Simpson? Let’s just say, she’s not effing thrilled.

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The engagement news came on Thursday making for an exciting day for all of those close to the happy couple and especially for Minnillo who had to work extra hard to get Lachey to put a ring on it.

So what does J-Simps think about Nick finding his happily ever after? Well, she’s not real happy. A friend of Jess told a source that “Even though Jessica wants to be happy for Nick, this is a very difficult time for her. Nick was the love of her life then, man, and he was her first, so she will always have a very special place in her heart for him. She’s deeply saddened.”

Sure, Vanessa and Nick had their up’s and down’s, even experiencing a brief split last year, but he wasn’t going to let Vanessa get away. A close friend of Nick’s said, “Nick knows what it’s like to lose someone that you love and wasn’t going to let it happen again. He never thought he would ever get married again after Jessica broke his heart. He never thought he would ever allow himself to be vulnerable again, but after dating for a long time he trusts Vanessa and knows she’s the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.”

And good for Nick! At least he can move on from the past. It’s just a damn shame that now Jess is probably realizing that she screwed up big time. Not only is her music career a thing of the past but she also now has a reputation for bagging fuglicious douche bag boyfriends and let me tell you that makes her look more like an idiot than that Chicken of the Sea comment.

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