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Did Jess pay for her own ring?

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Jessica Simpson bought engagement ring?

I’m hoping that the latest rumor claiming Jessica Simpson bought her own engagement ring isn’t true, especially considering the timing of the engagement. Don’t get me wrong, “I am woman, hear me roar”… I get that. And buying her own engagement ring alone isn’t so bad. Again, it’s the timing of the engagement. So, did Jess buy her own ring, or did fiance Eric Johnson cough up the cash?

Here’s what we know…. Jessica’s Neil Lane engagement ring is a ruby and diamond pairing estimated to be worth $100k… Eric doesn’t have a job… Jessica has an estimated $100 million fortune.

That’s about all we know for sure. The rest is pure speculation.

One friend tells PopEater:

“No way could Eric, who doesn’t have a job at the moment, afford to purchase such an expensive ring. Yes, he made a little bit of money in the NFL and is from a wealthy family, but unless his parents helped him out, Jessica must have paid for it.”

A family adds, “First, we find out that Jessica doesn’t want to have a prenup, and now we find out that she might have paid for her own ring. It just doesn’t feel right to me. We all want Jessica to be happy and finally find true love after all she has been through, but she doesn’t understand that in the long run if she pays for everything it will hurt her relationship with any man.”

On the flip side, another friend has a different take on the subject telling PopEater, “What’s the big deal? Jessica has more money than she can ever spend. If she wants to treat her future husband, friends or even herself to an expensive piece of jewelry, it’s her business and no one else.”

The unconcerned friend has a point, but again, it feels a little forced to me. First ex Nick Lachey gets engaged, and shortly after Jess announces her engagement complete with an uber expensive ring that she bought herself and she’s not even requesting a pre-nup…. It’s the combination of these things that make it seem like the whole thing is just one bad idea after another.

What do ya’ll think?

Stella is a self proclaimed domestic goddess, a small town girl with a love of fashion and gossip. No, seriously. Oh, and caffeine. She loves caffeine.

Stella Bella – who has written 1140 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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