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What’s Cool about Castro


American Idol. Ahh. Sometimes it is just better when you aren’t the official title holder. Remember Jason Castro? Well, he made the top 3 and is preparing for his debut album release. And I must admit, although I wasn’t a huge fan of him on the show, his new album just may stand a chance. What is cool about Castro is that he engages with his fans. Check out Jason Castro’s season two trailer of his “That’s What I’m Here For” webisode series after the jump. He’s so dreamy.

Head over to Jason Castro‘s official site (link below) to watch the trailer for Season 2 of his “That’s What I’m Here For” webisode series. The new season, called “Everyday Castro,” follows the singer/songwriter as he explores possible career choices had he not caught his big break on American Idol. From working at The GAP to being the captain of a boat, a soccer coach, or an art teacher, Jason shares what his life might have been like without ever appearing on TV.

That’s What I’m Here For Trailer HERE!

Thanks Jamie

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