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Janice and Rachel are Checking In!

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Janice Dickinson, Rachel Uchitel Celebrity Rehab

It looks like VH1‘s Celebrity Rehab might just be interesting this season. Two more names have been added to their rehab guest list- Janice Dickinson and Rachel Uchitel.

Just the fact that Janice Dickinson joined the ranks of Jason Wahler (LC’s ex that she skipped Paris for) and Jeremy London was newsworthy enough, but Tiger’s number one mistress couldn’t be left out. According to TMZ, it took a little negotiating to get her to agree- and let’s just say Jeremy London is going to be pissed when he finds out just how much Uchitel is taking to the bank.

Uchitel initially turned down the shows offering, but after she was paid a personal visit by Dr. Drew himself, she changed her mind. Oh, and they doubled their offer- sources say Uchitel is set to make $500,000 for her stint in rehab.

As for why she needs to go to rehab, a rep from VH1 says Uchitel is hoping to kick a pesky pill addiction. I’m beginning to think some of these z-listers make this mess up because they want the monies. Of course, that’s just a personal theory. I’m still working out the details.

So, to recap,this season of Celebrity Rehab will include Janice Dickinson, Jeremy London, Leif Garrett, Jason Davis, Jason Wahler, Keyshia Cole’s mom, and Rachel Uchitel.  I can already picture the cat fight between Dickinson and Uchitel. Good times, ya’ll- good times.

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