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Janet Jackson’s ex husband James BeBarge says Michael Jackson saved him! (VIDEO)

Janet Jackson’s ex husband James DeBarge is speaking about his Michael Jackson experience and folks, it is a good one. Over the years DeBarge has suffered from various addictions and on the CW’s “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers”, not only does he speak out about those dangerous vices, but he reveals how the King of Pop saved his life.

James: “…One time I was on the roof of his (Michael J.) house…I was going to jump and everyone was losing it…”

Dr. Drew: “How did he stop you?”

James: “He was the only one NOT freaking out! He seemed to be familiar with my pain…he knew I needed someone to talk to so he was that ear. So we just talked all night and I forgot that I was even on the roof and that I was going to jump.”

Yeah so the guy wanted to jump and commit suicide, but Michael stopped him.

Members of the popular 80’s R&B group DeBarge; James, Bunny and Randy open up to Dr. Drew about their addictions, self-destruction, the Jackson family and more on Wednesday’s two part intervention special with the DeBarge family on “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers,” Wednesday, Sept. 21 on the CW at 3 & 3:30pm ET/PT.

Photo via: Mark Davis/”Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” (left to right: James DeBarge, Bunny
DeBarge and Randy DeBarge, Dr. Drew)

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