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Hogan Knows (Extra-Marital) Sex?


I know it is my duty to report on stuff like this, but seriously, how often do we hear about celebrities and their sex tapes these days? It’s like every other day, someone in Hollywood has a porno being leaked or a cell phone being hacked and their nekkid photos are distributed to us, and then we have to report on it. So, here we go again, and the latest celebrity with a sex tape is…drum roll please…

Hulk Hogan.

Word on the streets is that The Hulkster has a porn floating about that features him and a brunette (who has so far not been named, according to the press, but how long do you think that’s likely to last?!) who is not his new wife. A third party is shopping the tape around and it is only a matter of time before everyone around the world will be able to see up close how steroids truly shrink a man’s member. Oh, and the kicker? Hulk Hogan is in the video with a thong tan line.

So, I ask you all…do you want to see this? Are you anxious to see if the curtains match the drapes?!

Image via Getty Images

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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