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How Kelly Osbourne Got Skinny

Kelly Osbourne is revealing her get skinny secret. No, she didn’t just limit herself to a leaf of lettuce per day diet or sit in front of a toilet with her finger down her throat after indulging in packages of Double Stuff Oreos. She got to be skin and bones by…wait for it…eating healthy. Read more about how Kelly Osbourne got skinny after the jump.

The Princess of Darkness and Dancing With the Stars alum Kelly Osbourne has gotten rid of her chub and is happy to reveal her get skinny secret. Kelly Osbourne reveals to Life & Style magazine that “I’ve completely changed the way I eat since doing Dancing with the Stars. A trick I’ve learned is to eat just a little bit of something that has no carbs and no sugar in it before you go to sleep because it keeps your metabolism going. They say you should never eat before you go to bed, but I’ve found just having a tiny little snack — like half an apple or something like that — before you go to sleep really helps.”

And ding dang dong if Kelly doesn’t look fabulous! Go girl!

Source: Life & Style magazine

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