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Gisele Bundchen Models For A Cause


Other than making all other women around the world resentful and self-conscious about their own selves, Gisele Bundchen really does have a good heart. No, seriously…she does.

“I grew up in a country strongly affected by poverty. On street corners you see kids doing things on the wrong side of the law. The face of suffering isn’t an abstract thing for me, and I’ve always said to myself that if I could do something to help, I would. Follow your instincts and your heart: if you are able to buy and help others at the same time, why deny yourself the pleasure?”


Now while these photos are gorgeous, I’m kind of confused. If we are talking about poverty here…why in spaghetti slurping hell is Gisele teasing the starved and poor by indulging in a noodle or two. Unless she’s in a soup kitchen, I see the point of this photo as just damn rude. Or maybe I am looking too deeply into this particular photo? Hmmmm…”hey, look what I got…spaghetti noodles…I know you want some…sorry you can’t have any.”


Anytease, Elle magazine has teamed up with the commercial initiative (Red), which works with well-known brands such as Converse and Gap, to promote the cause. These particular photos will be featured in over 30 editions of the magazine across the world.

Image Source: Elle

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