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Gillian Anderson: Tuna Light

What is it with Hollywood and these part-time Scissor Sisters? It seems like every other female celebrity born after Nixon has been hit with a case of the sapphies. In an interview with OUT magazine, the former X-Files star claims that she had a hankering for poon in her high school years. Rumors have been circulating that Anderson was a friend of Rosie for years, but she has always denied them. Now she throws the grrrrls a bone, and when she does, the bone is brittle! A word to Hollywood:

No more part-time lesbians!

I am waiting for a big star to come out as a BIG LEZ. I want one to come out and say something to the effect of wanting to be Rosie OD’s b*tch. This would make me happy. This would make me spurt. This would make me lose my religion.

If Anderson really wanted to make news, she would tell us about hot sex with David Duchovny on the set all those years. Since he is a sex addict, shouldn’t she feel really bad about herself if he never asked to sex her files?!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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  1. Oh how I do love me some GA…