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Gaga Quotes Superstar Whitney as Her Inspiration

Lady Gaga Thanks Whitney Houston

As usual, Lady Gaga caused quite a scene at the Grammy awards last night. Arriving in an egg was an interesting, odd choice. No matter her state of arrival, Gaga came out a winner, receiving Best Pop Vocal Album. But who did she thank in her acceptance speech?

Gaga performed her latest hit, ‘Born this Way’, earlier in the evening. Many have suggested that the song is quite similar to Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’, which has led to high amounts of criticism of the new hit. So, Houston being the “inspiration” for the song was quite a surprise. But maybe Gaga said this to show she wasn’t copying Madonna? Who knows what that woman does or thinks.

But, either way, Lady Gaga said, “I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it — because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar.” The singer seemed very happy with her award and thankful to all of her fans as usual. Maybe it was just me, but I just couldn’t get over the strange horns poking out of her shoulders enough to really pay attention. Until next time, Lady Gaga!

Photo via: Wire Image

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