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Freida Pinto Before She Became An Overnight Star.


Freida Pinto, aka Frito Chip Pinto Beans, is a name you may have only heard of up until a couple months ago. Freida became an overnight success story with her role in the Oscar-nominated film “Slumdog Millionaire”. But, every celebrity has their big break and for Freida, “Slumdog” was it.

So what was Frito Chip up to BEFORE “Slumdog”? Well apparently the lovely Freida worked as a model for TWO years before she met Danny Boyle who eventually cast her as Latika in “Slumdog”. Freida worked for various ad campaigns including De Beers diamonds, Skoda and Wrigley chewing gum. And, it certainly doesn’t surprise me as homegirl is gorgeous!

When Freida went to work on a travel show on the Asian satellite channel Zee, THAT is when Danny Boyle spotted her.

“Frieda was very excited about getting a break in Hollywood. She told me all about her big chance but then, I didn’t know – no one did – that it was going to be such a big hit with lots of awards and fame.”


And now…I am sure the movie offers will be rolling in for this young actress.

Image Source: Barcroft Media

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