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Was Foxy really kicked out of the party?

Foxy Brown, fashion week drama

The rumor mill has been churnin’ with sources claiming that Foxy Brown was ousted from a fashion event this weekend. And by ousted, I mean she was physically removed from the shindig. So the story goes, the rapper arrived late to the event, which was scheduled to be over a mere ten minutes after her forced exit. So what, if anything, happened?

Sources told TMZ that Foxy showed up to the after party for Indashio‘s fashion show, hosted by Red Bull Space in Soho, at 1:20 AM.  Apparently in the short time frame of 10 minutes she managed to lock herself in the bathroom and refuse to come out. That is, until she was physically removed by security.

But did that mess really happen?

Foxy Brown says no. Not only was she not intoxicated, but she was not escorted out and she certainly didn’t lock herself in the bathroom.

She tells RadarOnline:

“The story is a complete fabrication. When I got to the club I was not intoxicated at all. That’s a lie. There was no intoxication, there was no drama, and I was never physically escorted out by security.”

As for the whole ‘locking herself in the bathroom’ bit, Foxy says it didn’t happen either.

Indashio himself tells Radar he was “so happy to see her” and that “when Foxy came at the end, it was the perfect way to close the night. It was the best after party I ever had.”

Photo Credit: Jason Abrams

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