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Celebrity VIP Lounge

More than just celebrity gossip

REVIEW: Suri Cruise Loves Twirly Girl And So Does Lola!


Little girls love to feel girly and my little Lola, who will be four in January got an adorable little (early) birthday present in the mail recently…a cute girl dress from Twirly Girl! We haven’t heard of Twirly Girl until recently when we were approached to check out one of the dresses that celebrity fashionista Suri Cruise was photographed wearing on the beach.

Whether it is dressing up in princess clothes or putting on a cute dress for girls, there’s nothing better then getting dolled up and doing a spin! When I was a little girl, I used to spin so dang much in my dresses that I would get dizzy and fall. It was the best time ever! I think that every girl needs at least one fun twirly dress in their closet and that’s why you need to get the ultimate dress for that fun spin, a dress or skirt from Twirly Girl.

Even Suri Cruise loves Twirly Girl as she was spotted in the TwirlyGirlShop Pinwheel dress and let me tell you my daughter loves cute dresses for girls like this one.

We recently were sent a pinwheel dress wrapped up in a beautiful tootsie roll cloth that feels like the quality of the dress…smooth, soft and comfortable.


When we opened up the cute wrapping we found the gorgeous pinwheel dress folded up and ready to wear! What I have found with having two girls in the house, if their clothes are not comfortable, they are NOT going to wear them. And the true test of comfort is seeing how long my Lola will actually last in an ensemble. When she put the Twirly Girl dress on, let me just say that she did NOT want to take it off. She wanted to pose in it. She wanted to relax in it. She wanted to watch a movie in it. She wanted to sleep in it. And yes, she LOVED twirling in it. The dress is a hit! Lola usually wears a size 5 and the dress we received was a size 7. As you can see the dress is a little big, but that’s quite alright. Lola will be able to wear the dress that much longer!



To see the rest of TwirlyGirl’s collection, shop here. This particular cute girl dress will cost you $68. This isn’t a bad price considering you are definitely getting your money’s worth. It is not made cheaply and your little girl will get a lot of wear out of it.

And now Celebrity VIP Lounge readers can receive 10% off your order using the promo code- TGFun41 but you must hurry because it is a limited offer! I say, take advantage of this deal. Your little diva will be twirling like crazy in these cute girls dresses!

Disclosure: This was not a paid post and I must let you know that my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to TwirlyGirl who supplied the product for the review.

Zoe Saldana Has An Obsession With Her Chest


Zoe Saldana is amazingly gorgeous but she is not completely happy with herself. There is one thing that she REALLY wants and it is attainable…with a little bit of money and a little bit of pain.

In an interview with the February issue of Lucky Magazine, the 35-year-old actress revealed that she has an obsession with the size of her chest. She wants bigger breasts!

Saldana said, “You always want what you don’t have. My whole life I’ve been obsessed with breasts. I love them. I don’t like fake things, but I wouldn’t mind buying myself a pair before I die.”

And just so we all know, she wanted to make it clear that it wasn’t because her man Marco Perego wants her to get bigger breasts.


She explains, “A man likes a woman as she is. You know when you meet a real man from the way he talks about a woman. ‘You just go, “Wow, you’re a man.”‘

In 2011 during an interview for Lifetime, Saldana also spoke about her breast size. She said that if “an old man was having a midlife crisis and can buy a Porsche and date a 17-year-old, I can buy myself a pair and be the sexiest soccer mom you’ve ever seen.”

She also said, “There’s nobody on this earth who can tell you that what you’re feeling is wrong. They can tell you it’s different to what they’re feeling. That said, I’m okay with people trying to do whatever it is they need to do to feel better.”

In other words, don’t be surprised if the next time you see Zoe she has a bigger chest.

Celebrity Stylist Kate Young Hangs Out With Sports Illustrated Supermodel Hannah Davis


Celebrity stylist and fashion influencer Kate Young unveiled her denim inspired holiday tree at Lord & Taylor NYC, during their “Guys Night Out” event. Buffalo David Bitton collaborated with renowned stylist Kate Young for its second installment of the brand’s “Blank Check Series,” a program that supports self-expression and the arts by partnering with today’s cultural innovators. Young’s installation follows Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ docu-series of their first arena tour, which launched the “Blank Check Series” project.

Buffalo spokesperson, supermodel Hannah Davis, was on hand to celebrate the retail installation and to do a meet and greet with fans.

Victoria’s Secret Angels Spread Cheer in NYC

Victoria's Secret Angels Celebrate Holiday 2013

On December 9th in New York, Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss shared their favorite gift picks straight from the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Herald Square store. This year’s official Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show t-shirt and jacket can be found in store and on VictoriasSecret.com AND in case you want something saucy for the holidays, all of the lingerie you saw in the sexy 2013 Fashion Show can be purchased at Victoria’s Secret, from the Very Sexy Long Line Push-Up Balconet Bra which Adriana Lima wore on the runway to the Victoria Fragrance that Karlie Kloss dabbed on to feel extra feminine before strutting her wings. You will find something to fit each lucky loved one on your shopping list this Holiday Season and you know you can look just as hot in those ensembles than the supermodels.

Victoria's Secret Angels Celebrate Holiday 2013

Adriana and Karlie posed for photos with fans for two hours and customers who attended received free hair styling by ghd Hair Tools and mini makeovers!

Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Is…Not Jaden Smith

kyliejennerPhoto credit: Dewey Nicks/Seventeen

Kylie Jenner appears on the annual issue of Seventeen Prom (on newsstands December 25th). In her interview with the magazine, Jenner spills her prom fashion and beauty tips and tricks so every girl can rule her prom. She also discusses the importance of confidence, her ideal prom date and how she’d raid her sisters’ closets for the occasion as well as her love of dancing. And well, Jaden Smith is NOT her boyfriend, okay?

Via Seventeen:

Own your confidence: “Since I was 9 years old, I’ve been in the entertainment business, and everyone is always telling me what – and what not – to do…you just get a tough skin and have to not care about what people think or you will not end up in a good place.”


Choose your date very wisely: “I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do really want that boyfriend prom experience. I would want to go with someone who’s not afraid, or doesn’t think that he’s too cool, to show up at my house with a rose corsage. It would be nice for the guy to come over and be respectful and nice while my mom takes prom pics. But if I couldn’t find a boyfriend, I would want to go with one of my best guy friends, like Jaden [Smith]. I know I’d have fun with him – he makes me laugh and he is a great dancer.”

Don’t break the budget: “I borrow things from my sisters’ closets all of the time. For prom, I’d probably raid Khloe’s for shoes (she has the best shoes!), and Kim’s for dresses and handbags because I really admire her style a lot… You don’t have to go to some fancy restaurant for dinner either. Food is food, right? I’d definitely be at In-N-Out for a burger!”

Don’t be afraid to ask a guy to dance: “I love to dance, so I’m definitely always the first one out on the dance floor. And when it comes to guys, I don’t get shy. So if I wasn’t with a date, I wouldn’t have a problem going up to a guy and just saying, ‘Are you gonna dance with me?’ Trust me, it’ll work for you too! Guys like it when you aren’t afraid to make the first move.”


Joan Smalls Knows How To Werk


On stands December 17th, ELLE’s January issue features Joan Smalls looking gorgeous and giving an incredibly candid interview on the lack of diversity in the fashion industry and how she wants to evolve her career. Esteemed photographer Michael Thompson has signed a multi-title deal with Hearst and ELLE’s January issue, featuring Joan Smalls, is Michael Thompson’s debut cover shoot.

Via our friends at Elle:


On the fashion industry’s lack of diversity:

“People hide behind the word aesthetic. They say, ‘Well, it’s just that designer’s aesthetic.’ But when you see 18 seasons in a row and not one single model outside a certain skin color…? There are people in the industry who are advocates, who support diversity. And there are people who do not. I don’t get it. Beauty is universal. These doors have to open.”

How her modeling career started:

“I came to New York with a dream. I came to do what I saw girls doing in campaigns, in editorials – great things, challenging things.”

Her motivations to eventually get into acting:

“I want to be clear that I don’t want to act just because it’s the typical move for a model. My desire comes from a place of wanting to entertain people on a different level.”

Estee Lauder’s Richard Ferretti on Smalls:

“The word supermodel is overused, but if there is any woman of our generation who deserves the title, it’s Joan. She has the perfect face.”


Nicole Richie Launches Style App

Fashion Icon Nicole Richie Hosts the Launch of Styletag

Style Influencer and Creative Director Nicole Richie and SK Planet CEO, Jinwoo So, celebrated the launch of the mobile fashion and shopping app, Styletag. The app, available on the iPhone, iPad and Google Play, is the first app to bring street style and personal style to the consumer by making every look shoppable. Fashion trend-setters and fresh new designers will have the chance to curate their favorite looks and styles by building their own catalog of the latest trends. Styletag empowers the mobile user to build their own personal look, allowing users to snap it, tag it, share it and buy it.

Henri Bendel customers enjoyed a personal shopping experience with top fashion bloggers Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie, Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea and Alyssa Montemurro of Modelina. The bloggers styled the customers in Henri Bendel accessories for their own personal photo with Nicole Richie.

Meet Stacy Keibler’s Boyfriend Jared Pobre


George Clooney who?! Meet Stacy Keibler’s boyfriend Jared Pobre, y’all. The woman with the legendary pins has snagged up a man with just as much money as Cloons!

Thursday night in Miami at the Art Basel, Keibler rubbed shoulders with a few other celebrities including Nicky Hilton, Whitney Davis AND her man Mr. Pobre.

This isn’t the first time Kieber has been spotted with Pobre, Future Ads CEO, as it was back in October when they were in Paris enjoying dinner.

A source told UsWeekly, “Stacy and Jared are dating. They met through friends, but they are not anything more than dating.”

Stacy and Georgie Pourgie broke up in July. See? There’s plenty of fish in the sea. And I am sure George already has his next honey lined up.

No worries!

Here’s hoping this isn’t just a rebound for Stacy Keibler. Jared Pobre, could you be the one?

Ali Sweeney Covers Redbook’s January Issue

January 2014

On stands December 17th, Redbook’s January issue features Ali Sweeney looking gorgeous, healthy and giving an incredibly candid interview about dieting and body image in Hollywood.

Via Redbook:

How she relates so well to the contestants on The Biggest Loser:

“In an industry like Hollywood, it was really hard to deal with feeling like I was bigger than everyone else. I understand that feeling of being unhappy, looking in the mirror, being embarrassed, and not wanting to ask for help.”

On why the ‘d-word’ makes her cringe:

“Diets are finite. They always have an end and they really set you up to fail when you go back to your life. “

How she allows herself to cheat:

“I’m the first person to give myself an out. I’m a foodie. If I’m someplace where they’re famous for huevos rancheros, I’m ordering them.”

So she may have lost a lot of weight and I really admire her for doing so. I just hope she sticks to what she says. Diets suck and you definitely have to let yourself splurge every once in awhile. Don’t turn into some self-absorbed lettuce nibbling fool. We love you the way you are Ali! Now work!

Credit: Andrew Eccles

Supermodels On A Rampage (VIDEO)


Today there is a new holiday campaign for Rampage starring models Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis and Tori Praver. The video playfully dubbed “Supermodels on a Rampage,” features the models getting into a hilarious and dramatic catfight over Rampage Black Friday promotions. The video is a launch platform for the brand’s Black Friday promotion of boots and handbags.



Lauren Conrad Is Jealous Of People Who Love Their Bodies


Lauren Conrad appears on the January 2014 cover of Cosmopolitan (on newsstands December 3rd). Conrad is newly engaged and the proud owner of a brand new home in L.A. She has two booming fashion lines, best-selling books, and a destination website under her belt. In her interview with Cosmo, Conrad dishes on all of this and more.

Check out the highlights via our friends at Cosmo below:

On her engagement to fiancé, musician and law student William Tell: “I had no idea it was coming. I thought he would wait until he finished law school.”

On her engagement ring: “He didn’t even ask my friends, which was a bold move. He said, ‘I know you, and I know what you like.’ And I love it. It’s perfect.”


Cosmo: You’re engaged! What would you say to readers who feel pressure to get that ring?

LC: “You have the rest of your life to be married. Enjoy falling in love. When girls get caught up in the timeline, it becomes more about the wedding than the marriage. You should be with someone with whom you could elope this weekend and be happy.”

Cosmo: What tells you it’s time to settle down with one guy?

LC: “William hates it when I say this, but he really is a very nice guy, and when you meet a nice guy who also manages to keep your interest, that is the dream…If you’re going to settle down, it should be with someone you can’t stop thinking about. Especially if you’re in your 20s. If I were single in my 60s, I would totally settle. I would!”

Cosmo: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made with friends?

LC: “Being on television all those years, I got to view my own behavior. One thing I realized is that I was too hard on my friends when it came to guys. Instinctually, I wanted to protect them. But then you come off as judge-y and people are reluctant to come to you with a problem. I had to cut “I told you so” from my vocabulary.”

Cosmo: What is the best way to fall in love with your body?

LC: “I’m so jealous of people who completely love their bodies. I think most women have trouble areas as well as areas that they like. So you play up your favorite parts and learn to dress around the others. I used to hate my legs, but now I always wear minis. It was an accident. In an effort to look taller, I started wearing really high heels with shorter skirts and ended up showing off my legs a lot.”

Photo credit: Matt Jones/Cosmopolitan

2013 AMA’s Best Dressed Or Worst Dressed Fashion?

It is the big name for the American Music Awards! But the big question I have to ask is who is AMA’s best dressed or worst dressed fashionistas? I’ll let you be the judge. Check out celebrities such as Katy Perry, Jordin Sparks, Miley, Taylor Swift and more as they walked the red carpet before they entered the big awards show.















Who is your favorite AMA’s fashionista? Sound off in the comments section below.

Images via Getty Images and Wireimage

CELEB SPOTTING: Nicky Hilton, Selita Ebanks Get It In At The alice + olivia Party In NYC


Last night alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet hosted a party in NYC with artist David Choe to celebrate the launch of their exclusive capsule collection hitting stores this spring! For the evening Stacey Bendet and David Choe showcased their new capsule collection featuring a burlesque performance, disco dancing, an interactive glow-in the-dark blacklight paint room and music by dj Hannah Bronfman!



The night was also be dedicated to the launch of Stacey Bendet’s “Kindness Project” – a company-wide initiative committed to sharing and spreading messages of love and kindness with the world.


Attendees included Zosia Mamet, Chloe Bridges, Nicky Hilton, Selita Ebanks and more. Um, how amazing does Nicky Hilton look? Damn girl!

Miranda Kerr: Demoted, Dethroned, and Divorced?

14th Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party - Arrivals

Miranda Kerr has had a bad few weeks. First comes the news that she is soon to be single again after she announced that she and husband Orlando Bloom were divorcing. Current gossip Down Under is that her reign as their biggest export is over, and now word that she’s been 86’ed as Mango’s spokesmodel means tongues are a-waggin’.

Enter the single life.
Enter model replacement Daria Werbowy.
Exit stage left?

Not so fast, heauxz!

Miranda may be down but she most certainly is not out. Not only has she moved on from Victoria’s Secret campaign (a move up if you ask us), but she has also started her own brand. And as for Orlando Bloom?

Well, we are sure there are many men that will be vying to go down under with Kerr.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Part One, For The Beauty Buff

The holiday season is upon us and if you are interested in something different for that person on your holiday shopping list, we have a few options to consider. In fact, we have tried these products ourselves and highly recommend them to YOU! Be sure to bookmark this post because we will be updating it as the season goes on and we discover more great products for your family, friends, or yourself!


People allow stresses to build-up and affect their business, family-life and personal performance. Stress rocks were designed as a tool to make us more aware of the stress we face on a daily basis and vehicle to end the day by relieving those stresses for the night.

Help relieve stress! For just $29.95 you can snag this up for a friend or family member who needs a reminder. This would totally make a fun gift game item too! You can order here.

CNS Kit White HR

Get ready for those holiday parties with the Custom Nail Solutions kit. OR, get the kit for the beauty buff on your holiday shopping list. And right now, they are having a fabulous holiday sale that you will want to take advantage of if you are interested in the kit. For just $89.95 you can get the entire kit including:

This price also includes your beautiful complete Custom Nails and the complete Maintenance System that will be shipped with your nails.

This includes:

10 finger trays
1 spoon
1 yellow impression material
1 white impression material
1 Instruction sheet
1 Product brochure
1 Order Sheet
Instructional DVD on Website

Final Kit:

1 Set of Custom Nails
1 Bottle Soak Off
1 Soaking Dish
1 Nail Dehydrator
1 Adhesive Debonder
1 Nail Protector
1 Nail Cleanser
1 Nail Brush
4 Pink Cuticle Sticks
1 Nail Stand with 10 Plastic Dowels
1 Application Instruction Sheet
Pink Maintenance Kit Bag


Devastate them all with your sexy, tropical shimmer. Warm summer sands gleam with fresh ocean sprays of crystalline blues and sea jewel greens. Sunburst oranges and fiery pinks burn with glimmering glamour. Soft pelican grays and pearly browns add a hint of coolness. You can get a pretty amazing palette for just $8 for the holidays at BH Cosmetics here.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


This unique nourishing mud mask sweeps away impurities and excess oils and toxins. The masks are formulated with mud from the Dead Sea along with natural honey extract to provide skin with essential nourishing amino acids and increase skin regeneration. Leaving skin fresh and purified with a healthy complexion A.K.A. Young & Hot & Fresh! And we all want that, right?!

Their product is all natural and never animal tested. You can snag up this fun and amazing feeling mask for just here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


SLOWCOLOR drives the trend toward more conscious gifting. To them the holidays are about spending quality time with our loved ones, families and dear friends – and each year, they make a commitment to giving consciously. SLOWCOLOR prides themselves on elegant handloomed, naturally plant dyed, fair trade made scarves in colors to suite both him and her. A gift to feel truly grateful for, and globally connected to the good of giving.
You can get a gorgeous Boulder scarf for just $85 here.

SLOWCOLOR is A FEEL GOOD mission with REAL WORLD positive impact. SLOWCOLOR is a fair trade clothing company. Handmade & naturally dyed. Always.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.