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More than just celebrity gossip


With five consecutive number ones under her belt, Erika Jayne has proven herself to be queen of Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart. Her catchy lyrics, hot electro-pop beats, and steamy subject matter definitely leave you ready for the dance floor (if you’re not already there) and elsewhere…

Erika’s latest breakout single (and #1 hit), “One Hot Pleasure“, is anything but tame, but that’s okay because tame was never her intention. If you’ve seen the video or listened to the lyrics, it doesn’t take long to figure out just what “hot pleasure” she’s referring to. Essentially, it’s everything a sexy, dance track should be, and with it, Erika proves she’s every bit as talented as she is sexy.

But get ready, ya’ll… “One Hot Pleasure” is just a preview of what’s to come…

I had the fabulous opportunity to chat with Erika Jayne about “One Hot Pleasure”, among other things, and asked her about filming the video for the single and its *ahem* inspiration. Take a look and listen after the jump!

On filming her sexy new video to her single, “One Hot Pleasure”…

That was a great day… It’s so much fun to film a video, and Josh, who was my love interest in the video, I mean, wow. So, it was an easy day, you know? I didn’t mind staying late…overtime was a good thing.

On the story behind “One Hot Pleasure”…

I was at Dave Aude’s house and it was warm outside, and I was sitting, hanging out with Dave and Luciana [Caporaso]– who actually wrote the song and Dave produced it- and we were talking about sex…. You know, all of those fun things that go along with really hot sex, and that’s how “One Hot Pleasure” was born.

What’s next for Erika Jayne?

…What isn’t next? I’m currently in the studio, working on number six…. So, in the studio and performing, and having a good time…

You can listen to the full interview below as well as watch and listen to her supah hot video for “One Hot Pleasure”…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Erika Jayne by Stella Bella

Check out Erika Jayne on Facebook HERE or HERE on Twitter….

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