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Enrique wants you to see his junk… again.

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Enrique Iglesias water skis naked

If you’re Enrique Iglesias you are a man of your word, and you take any and all bets seriously. Or maybe you just have nice junk and don’t mind showing it off any chance you get- even if it means getting naked and busting out your water skis for a late night joy ride. Either way, I’m not sure anyone is complaining- except maybe Enrique. Hopefully there was little splash back from the water to sting his manhood.

Details and video linkage after the jump!

So what prompted the late night water streak? Apparently Enrique made a bet with the BBC, where he said he’d do a little naked water skiing if Spain won the World Cup. And they did. So he did just that sometime towards the end of July.

I’m pretty sure he wanted Spain to win, which means my previous speculation that he wanted an excuse to show off his junk.

Of course, Enrique’s people have yet to officially confirm the ski streaking, but they did tell TMZ , “We do not manage Enrique’s personal time schedule but we do know he was in Miami the last week of July.”

I think that is code for “yes but we can’t say that because skiing naked may not make the po-po happy.”  After all, local police had previously threatened to arrest Enrique on public nudity charges if they caught him.

You can check out the grainy video footage HERE at TMZ.

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