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Bieber’s Lock of Hair Sells for Thousands!

Justin Bieber’s hair cut was a huge deal in the celebrity world and among tween fangirls everywhere. But the Biebs and Ellen DeGeneres decided that his freshly cut locks could do some good. Bieber appeared on The Ellen Show with a surprise gift of a lock of hair. Ellen, being the lovely lady that she is, decided that this little tress of hair could be of good use. So, she put it up on Ebay! In one sole hour of the post, the bid was already up to a whopping $10,000!!! I knew Bieber fans had dedication…but that’s crazy! The final winning bid for Bieber’s hair was an insane $40,668. Not only does he or she get to have this memorable keepsake of the teen star, but the winner also gets to meet Bieber the next time he comes on Ellen’s show.

Now, here’s the good part. All of that money, which is a crazy amount for a tiny little lock of hair, goes to charity. Ellen chose to donate the money to The Gentle Barn Foundation, which is an animal rescue group. I don’t have a particular fondness for Justin Bieber, but if Ellen can take a little snippet of his hair and this much good can come of it, then I’m all for him!

Photo via: Warner Bros.

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