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Drake Chris Brown Sued: It’s Rihanna’s Fault!

Remember that fight way back last summer between Drake and Chris Brown? Well, it looks like there’s another round coming. This time, it’s not between the two musicians. This time, the club is set to strike their own blows!

W.i.P., the clubs where it all went down, is suing both of them to the tune of $16 million dollars!

That’s alot of high notes!

The club claims that their reputation was damaged when the two came in, exchanged datebooks, saw Rihanna’s name on the same date (in INK, cuz this is one of those poptrix that gets around *and* gets it in) and started pimp slappin’ one another at a furious pace.

Rapper Drake has fired back with his own countersuit. His claims are basically that the club was already busted before he ever set foot in it, that they’ve had several incidents of similar to his in previous months, and they’re just trying to get a check! Now, it sounds like to me that Drake is on to something here, but if I were W.i.P., the first person I would have been suing is Ri-ho-ho. It’s her poon that’s got them broke in the first place. When in doubt…always blame Rihanna. No matter where you are, blame Rihanna! So if the kids don’t get what they want tomorrow and they ask you why?

Blame Rihanna!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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