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Dr. Conrad Murray is going to wish he had some Xanax about now.

Dr. Conrad Murray license suspended

Sooner or later, Dr. Conrad Murray was going to get what was coming to him. Dr. Murray was taking care of Jackson when he died of a drug overdose on June 25, 2009. Unfortunately for Dr. Murray, things just went from bad to worse for him.

We’ve got the details on his license being suspended and the preliminary hearing that is already preparing for a nasty upcoming trial that will surely kick him right in the crotch.

TMZ is reporting that Dr. Conrad Murray not only got his medical license suspended yesterday but he was ordered to stand trial on a count of involuntary manslaughter. And even though Mr. Murray is pleading not guilty to that charge, the case against him is already looking brutal.

It was just six days earlier that over TWENTY witnesses from the prosecution side testified against Murray, stating that Murray injected Michael Jackson with a surgical grade anesthetic (Propofol) and then did not monitor the King of Pop properly after injecting him.

Even Alberto Alvarez (one of MJ’s bodyguards) testified stating that Murray demonstrated “an extreme deviation from the standard of care” by administering the drug and then hiding the evidence. Not only that but he also failed to take the proper action for resuscitation efforts.

Even though Murray said he did try to resuscitate Michael, he reportedly did not call for an ambulance. His reasoning? He told a detective that “he was caring for his patient and he did not want to neglect him”.

Sadly, Dr. Murray was on the phone with other individuals prior to the emergency responders.

Sad. This is going to be a long ordeal for Conrad Murray!

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