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Demi Moore visits Two and A Half Men set

I’d like to know what the eff is going on. Yeah I know, it’s not my business, but WHY was Demi Moore on the set of Two and a Half Men? Granted the ratings (of this seemingly cursed show) have been down significantly since Ashton’s wandering willy scandal, so is this Demi’s way of trying to help a guy out so that he’ll stay with her?

Details below.

There are reports out there circulating that Demi paid a visit to Ashton on the set of “Two and a Half Men”. Us Weekly went on to report that both Demi AND daughter Rumor Willis spent the entire day on set.

A source said, “Demi didn’t come on the actual shooting set or anything — she never does — but she spent the day on the lot in his massive trailer. [Ashton] put his arm around Demi and they acted like a couple. They were talking and smiling at each other. Everything seemed just like normal.”

Well if they can work through this problems so be it. Does this make Demi weak to forgive her cheating husband and move on? Not necessarily. For me, I wouldn’t tolerate this crap, but if it is til death do us part and Demi is going by this vow, then kudos to her.

Perhaps she is following his butt around to make sure he is doing what he is s’posed to be doing…bringing home the bacon and getting together for sausage fests ONLY. I would just be damn sure that willy is tied up in a big fat knot until he gets home every night.

Another source (supposedly close to Moore) said, “she loves him, but can’t forgive him for the embarrassment he has caused.”

When Demi starts putting on weight, we’ll know that these two are indeed working on their marriage.

Image via Wireimage.com

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