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Deion & Pilar Sanders = Splitsville

Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar are headed for divorce.

And yet another wife of a sports star is about to get half…In today’s edition of Golddigger’s Digest…

Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, and his wife Pilar are ending their marriage after twelve years together. And before the papers have even been filed, she is already on the hunt for a new house to live the single life in.

Currently, they live in a 30,000 square foot manse valued at over $21 million. The clause in their prenuptial agreement states that should they divorce, Pilar can receive a house valued at half the price of their current one.

Their current house has ten bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, and 4 bathrooms. We only hope Pilar can make do with 5 bedrooms, and a handful of bathrooms.

Seriously, who NEEDS 9 bathrooms? Do you really need that many places to wipe your holes?!

And somewhere in a back room deep in a gold-digger haven, Vanessa Bryant and Pilar Sanders are exchanging notes!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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