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Danilo Gallinari

REPORT: Danilo Gallinari was Kim Kardashian’s first choice for husband

Imagine this. Kim Kardashian, Mama Kris, Khloe and Kourtney all sitting around a table flipping through current NBA rosters (particularly New York since THAT is where Kim and Kourtney were filming their new show) and photo books, picking and choosing which guy would look good on television and by Kim’s side. Well, it probably happened because all these rumors of trouble in Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashians’s marriage may be true.

What is it six months maximum for an annulment?

Yep, that is my new prediction.

I’m not sure WHERE these rumors are coming from, but they keep on coming. Apparently Kris Humphries was NOT Kim’s first choice to be her husband. Wetpaint.com is reporting that Kim basically was over the NFL type and wanted herself an NBA beau and Kim was determined to find someone while she was in New York filming her new reality show with sister Kourtney. There’s only so much drama that can be stirred up with Kourtney and Scott!

REPORT: Kim Kardashian visits top divorce lawyer

And get this, I guess the E! network was trying hard to find an NBA athlete who they could cast for the reality show hook up with Kimmy.

A source told Wetpaint.com that E! first asked Danilo Gallinari if he would be “interested in dating her and being on a reality show. Danilo said he would love to meet Kim but was not interested in dating her or being on a reality show. Even though E! explained it would be great for his career, Gallinari turned the offer down.”

Oh my word. I get it. This is a rumor, but could it be true? I wouldn’t be surprised with the way Mama Kris operates.

So was Kris Humphries simply a casting call? Or is this just B.S.?

Danity Donnaly is a Midwestern mama with class, sass and a love for celebrity gossip. D is a former disc jockey and is a fierce dancer who looks forward to that morning cup of coffee. When she’s not delivering the dish, Danity can be found on Twitter talking smack or shaking her bon bon to any jam by Justin Timberlake or attempting to sing one of her favorite Mariah Carey songs without breaking a window. Yep, she’s THAT good!

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