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Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter is “like the mafia”.

Daniel Radcliffe, Parade Magazine 2010

Daniel is finally saying goodbye to being Harry Potter. Can you believe it has been ten years already? TEN freakin’ years of little round specs and wizardry! And seven movies later, Radcliffe is rolling in ching but definitely ready to hang up his wizard hat.

Radcliffe sat down with Parade’s Jeanne Wolf to chat about reaching the end of his journey as Potter, his fame and what happened during the final filming of the Potter saga. We’ve got the highlights below!

Via Parade magazine’s Jeanne Wolf:

On being ready to be done with Harry Potter:

“I would never be anything but proud to be associated with this film series forever. If they did actually do another film I don’t think I’d be on board. No. I think ten years is enough.”

On the last day of filming:

“I certainly choked up when we wrapped. I was crying and so were Emma and Rupert at the end along with the crew, who also had been there for ten years. It was very sad. But six hours later, I was on a plane reading the script for Woman in Black. Now, I’m five weeks into filming that. So we move on.”

On keeping it real:

“Early on in your career you have to be able to separate the person they are cheering for from the person you actually are. They are cheering for a perception they have of you, which is a famous person, an actor and this particular character. So if you start to think that they are cheering for you as a real person then that’s when you get big headed and you become an awful human being.”

On having more money than what to do with:

“As far as the wealth aspect is concerned, I’m in a very fortunate position which has been afforded me by doing these films. I got paid very well for doing a job I absolutely love. When you have that kind of financial security it gives you a lot of freedom as an actor because it means you don’t have to do stuff just for the money. You can afford to be selective about what you do.”

On why Harry Potter will always be a part of him:

“I think to a certain extent it’s true that Harry will stick to me. I think in a lot of people’s minds I will always be him. It’s rather like the mafia, I guess. Once you’re in, you never get out.”

Source: Parade Magazine

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