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Dakota Fanning Is the Latest Brunette

It seems like everyone in Hollywood is changing up their hair color for the season. From Mad Men women changing styles and hues to screen sirens going from brunette to blonde, there’s a new actress throwing her locks into the game and it’s none other than Dakota Fanning. The 18-year old actress has given up her naturally blonde locks and opted for a dark chestnut brown. Fanning hopped on Instagram to update her new status…

“Well look who turned into a brunette!”

Not that the actress has not been a brunette before, but this time, it is reportedly not for a movie role. Dakota is now a freshman in college at New York University and perhaps she is craving a little anonymity around campus? Earlier this year, she dyed her tips hot pink. What do you think of this new look, folks. Is this a heaux up (good) or blow up (bad)?!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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