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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska, Playboy Bound?

We just got some interesting news about Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska! Radaronline.com initially reported that Houska’s soon-to-be brand new website was taken down due to non payment, but somehow there seemed to be more to the story and we had to do a little digging. Not only did we find out the dirt behind the website shutdown, we also found out that Chelsea wants to do PLAYBOY!

What really happened? Like myself, there have been numerous fans of the reality star asking the same question.

After being bombarded with questions regarding the website shutdown, Chelsea took to her Twitter to try to clear the air. The 20-year-old tweeted, “@karraye3 I decided to not work with the person running it and obviously they’re a little butt hurt.”

Well the webmaster sent us text messages AND told us exclusively that Chelsea wanted to jumpstart her career after the fourth season of “Teen Mom 2” and thought the website would be a great way to do so.

The webmaster told CelebrityVIPLounge.com, “Chelsea’s father sent me an email over a week ago asking if I could help jumpstart Chelsea’s career after they finish their fourth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ in which they are presently taping. I immediately responded after doing some research and said ‘absolutely.’

It was within hours we were all on the phone and the following Sunday, Chelsea told me she wanted me to manage her and agreed for me to get started and would sign the agreement and NDA I sent over and pay me immediately because she would be off school that following Monday. I went ahead and began work and immediately reached out to several companies for her to endorse her own lines, and worked MANY hours updating her website and communicating with her back and forth. She then expressed her interests in posing for Playboy and Maxim magazine, and when I told her that I could make that happen she was so excited. The next day however, I got a text from her father stating that Playboy was not the route that Chelsea wanted to take. Maybe Chelsea was drunk when she told me that, because she surely said it loud and proud on the phone in front of her friends, away from her father while at her cabin.”

Oh boy! PLAYBOY?!!!!! Surely it would have gotten the attention she wants, but it isn’t what her daddy wants!

It was shortly after that her daddy got involved and started texting.

Well that’s not all, my friends.

The webmaster continued to tell us, “I tried everything to work on getting the monies due to continue work, but Chelsea’s father began taking over as she cowardly backed away, and he said he was sorry that he moves like a tortoise and that is how he operates all his business deals. Furthermore he apologized by saying they were just a bunch of hicks from South Dakota. I still didn’t care what the excuse was, I gave days and days of time waiting for something to happen, even offering to transfer the full website over to the them and the domain for a minimal fee, but they declined last Thursday. Furthermore, I am far more than a ‘webmaster,’ I am a manager and publicist, and that is why I was approached and they were so eager to get started. I have all the texts, emails, voicemails, etc to prove who is telling the truth here and will provide you with some of those.”

The webmaster also said that both Chelsea and her father told them he would have to work behind-the-scenes as MTV doesn’t want any of their girls to be looked at as celebrities. Chelsea even complained about not being able to attend the MTV Movie Awards, because of image concerns.

All I have to say is wow. Nothing in this life is free my friends and so I am surprised that there was no payment involved. And why on earth is her father involved? The girl is no longer a teen mom! She’s 20 freakin’ years old, for gawd’s sake.

She does look like she could be serious about the Playboy shoot though. Check out the Playboy bunny photos of Chelsea below.

Photos via Chelsea Houska Facebook

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