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Charlie Sheen’s Wife: Alcohol Rehab While Pregnant?


Just when you think one may be saner than the other in an unhappy marriage, you find out more dirt and begin to rethink who just is the real nut job in the relationship. In the Charlie Sheen-Brooke Mueller soap opera, we are finding out that Mueller just may not be the sweet, innocent beotch we once thought! In fact, today it has been revealed that Charlie Sheen’s wife was in alcohol rehab while she was pregnant with their twins! Classy and ummm, niiiice.

RadarOnline.com is reporting that Charlie Sheen’s wife went to rehab for alcohol abuse while she was pregnant
with the couple’s twins. Can you say “bomb dropper”? Sure Charlie may have spent time in a Colorado jail on Christmas after wanting to kick Brooke’s booty, but it also appears that Brooke Mueller just may know how to push Sheen’s buttons.

On that big fat fight night it is being said that BOTH Sheen and Mueller were boozing it up. So much for Sheen being sober after two rehab visits. And Brooke? Well that chick isn’t any better. Apparently, when she was five months pregnant she was confronted after bottles of booze were found in her car.

And now Charlie is blaming Brooke for the heart problem one of their twins are suffering from.

A source said, “They both have drinking problems. And neither of them should be drinking. The marriage has been bad since the beginning. It was just a matter of time before it exploded publicly.”

Well, it sounds like these two are a bit too much alike to be together…another lethal combination. Fire playing with fire equals one heck of a hell! All I have to say is I hope those kiddos get into a stable environment otherwise they are doomed.

Image via Wireimage

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