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This is like Rihanna and Chris Brown hooking up again.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller reconciling in Mexico?

It just SHOULDN’T happen. Sure RiRi and Brown didn’t have kids together, but still. Charlie and Brooke are just as toxic together and Ri and Breezy. Yes, they verbally abused each other and even got into some pretty damn physical fights, but is it possible to start over with a clean slate?

Good gawd. Here we go again. I get it. People can change. Charlie is the father of Brooke’s children AND he has money so it doesn’t surprise me that Brooke Mueller would consider rekindling her romance with MaSheen. But is it a wise move on her part? How far along is she in her recovery and if she is sober, is Charlie? And if Charlie is, how long will the sobriety last? And if he slips, will he bring Brooke along with him? Oh my. So many questions. At any rate, the couple IS in Punta Mita, Mexico to celebrate Brooke’s birthday with a private vacay.

I’ve heard that this is just an innocent get together but somehow these photos (below) show otherwise.

Somehow a $15,000 a night Presidential Suite, a private butler and a private pool doesn’t seem so innocent. Throw in a candle-lit birthday dinner on the beach and that shiznit is full of rekindling.

A source told E! Online that “There were candles everywhere. They ate very healthy, local fish, salad, drank fruit juices. Charlie had arranged a chocolate molten cake with candles for dessert. It was beautiful.”

Here’s hoping they stuck to fruit juices and didn’t indulge in the booze.

Images via Wireimage.com

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