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Masheen thinks Alec needs to sit down and eat!

Remember that long-winded open letter that Alec Baldwin threw out there for Masheen? (If not, refresh your memory here.) If you are wondering what Masheen thought about it, well not-so-surprisingly, he thinks Alec needs to keep his snout where it belongs…NOT in his biznass.

Details on Masheen’s comments below.

Popeater is reporting that Masheen was more than offended by Alec throwing in his two cents on his private life. A friend of Masheen’s said, “Who is Alec to give Charlie advice? Charlie never spoke out during Alec’s voicemail scandal. If Charlie ever wanted to talk with Alec, which I doubt he ever would, he would pick up a phone, not write an editorial. Charlie believes no one is smarter than he is. He doesn’t ask or take advice from anyone. If he thinks he has a problem then he will solve it himself. He’s certainly not going to take any advice from Alec. As far as Charlie is concerned, Alec should shut up, sit down and keep eating.”


Images via Wireimage.com

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