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CHARLES OF LONDON: The Mayhem of Design

Charles of London is a duo of decoration unlike any other. Mark Charles, founder and director, is an enigma that remains quite keen on the cusp and Susan Diamond, his partner in glitter and grime is just as ambitiously wild in her forte.Together, their fusion of fine art, photography, music, and pop culture clash together into a dizzying colorful mix of clothes that have kept the viewing public in awe since its inception. No matter where they turn up, they are sure to turn heads 180 degrees – possibly more. From prints to pins to sequins and much more, they have amassed a substantial following over the years through gritty glamorous determination, sequiny steely resolve, and a bevy of advertising that has other companies following their trademark strategy of mainstream underground.


Their clothes prove that there is romance alive and well in all of us – from the freaks and aliens to the hipsters and punks. Their love of music is another component of Charles of London’s inspiration. Gob$au$age, a group as far out there as their latest collection, fuels their passion to clothe the avant garde, singular individual from London to Los Angeles. Traveling through Europe and performing is as much a necessity as the clothes they create. Their jaunts rejuvenate their creatively sinister juices in striking ways – the results of which are usually evident in their latest designs. Their journeys are imprinted intricately into every fabric, every seam. Each song represents a stitch in their destinations. As such, these clothes spark a debate on the sidewalks and runways, wherever they are dared to be worn. Inescapably unique, their mantra for fashion is no mantra. Their clothes speak for themselves and they speak loud and clear.


photo: Billa Baldwin

model: Honey Manko

website: www.charlesoflondon.com

Facebook: Charles of London

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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