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Kardashian Battle Royale

If the Kardashians were hoping for less bad news this year, then maybe they should look to 2012, because 2011 is not it. From Kim Kardashian’s quickie was-it-even-real? marriage and even louder and longer divorce proceedings to Kourtney’s pregnancy (yes this is bad news. Do we really need any more of their spawn on this earth?) comes news that little sister (and I use the words little and sister generously) has gotten herself into some legal trouble.

It’s nice of another Kardashian to throw their V-card (V as in vanity) into the tabloid ring. We were starting to get worried about who else in Hollywood with talent, style, and grace we could talk about!

Khloe, also known as ‘the other Kardashian brother, is being sued by Chantal Spears, a transgender woman who claims she was beaten outside of Playhouse nightclub after having words with Lamar Odom. Apparently the words were enough to send Khloe into action, as Chantal told the police on the scene that s/he was pushed and hit. Although no arrest was made or citation filed, Chantal is asking for a check.

And can we blame her? If Khloe has made enough money to buy all her female parts, Chantal should have the right too!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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