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Chad Ochocinco Released From Jail








 Chad Ochocinco got off real lucky! His infamous butt slap was seen by a Florida judge as being disrespectful to the courtroom, and landed him in the slammer for 30 days…or so we all thought. However, it seems like the judge had a change of heart, agreeing to release him today. According to reports. Chad went before the judge this morning in handcuffs and was scolded for his bad behavior, before she allowed him to walk free.  She still extended his probation by another month, but he’s walking free.

Over the weekend, Chad’s friend Terrell Owens visited him in jail and  tweeted about the experience. He posted:

Just visited the homie @ochocinco. He’s in good spirits, he needs a haircut already tho. Lol. He sends his best regards to everyone.

That was the 1st time ever visiting someone in jail and hopefully the last. That’s not a place anyone wants to be regardless of how many days. I really didn’t know what to expect but to see the homie locked up is a very humbling experience to talk to him via vid conference. [Johnson] let me know that’s not where anyone wants to be. I know he’s only in the county jail but to someone that has never been locked up … Jail is Jail!”

Well here’s hoping that Ochocinco gets himself together, and that’s his first and last stint behind bars. And that he leaves the butt slaps for the field…whenever he actually gets back on one.

Image via Necole Bitchie


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Comments (5)

  1. It is such a shame when talented people squander their gifts.

  2. pamela.k@live.ie' Pamela

    This whole story has been crazy, including butt slap incident!

  3. I thought it was excessive that he got thrown in jail for a butt slap…nuts

  4. chad didn’t belong in jail for what he did this time – he belongs in jail still for the assault on his lozado