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More than just celebrity gossip


Chad Ochocinco Johnson Sued

You know, with all of the latest financial problems besetting this former NFL player and former reality star of late, perhaps Chad Johnson should switch his nickname from ‘Ochocinco’ to ‘NoDindero’!

The former Miami Dolphins player ended 2012 with bad publicitychad-ochocinco-evelyn-2012-08-11-300x300 all around. It may have sounded great that he was marrying his girlfriend Evelyn Lozada. It may have seemed like a fairytale marriage. But how many fairytales marriages begin so quickly with a blow to the head by the groom? That’s what Evelyn had to contend with towards the end of 2012.

Johnson had charges thrown at him, Lozada fled, and the contracts closed up quicker than a Kardashian’s ass after a colon cleansing! Now comes word that Ochocinco is about to lose some more money, courtesy of Zico Beverages, which produces the drink H2O. And the lawsuit may knock the breath out of Johnson, who has so far not commented on the suit. Now it looks as though his other reality show, which was set to star his wife Evelyn, will never see the light of day. Because is she really going to stay with a man that hit her upside the head? And now that he’s on the verge of brokedom, can she really afford to?!


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