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More than just celebrity gossip

SWAG GIVEAWAY: Mario Lopez’s RatedM Prize Pack

It’s soon Valentine’s Day and we have a special giveaway for you! In the photo above, Mario Lopez models a pair of RatedM underwear (nice, right?) and Celebrity VIP Lounge is offering one fabulous reader a package of underwear for that special man in your life. Come on, you can never have enough underwear, right?


For Manful Men and Their Very Special Guests. RatedM believes that good-looking men, as well as okay-looking guys, and even some ugly yet charming dudes deserve undercover awesomeness. Designed by New York-based apparel masterminds Mad Projects Industries, LLC, and in partnership with Mario Lopez, RatedM boasts a product line for dudes of all dimensions. With three distinct collections Elementary, Atelier and Play, RatedM has you covered for all occasions. Men’s Underwear and Bodywear designed to do you different – including Ts, tanks, boxers, boxer briefs, tighty – whiteys and more.

Check out more from RatedM here.

Enter to win the RatedM and Celebrity VIP Lounge contest below. Good Luck!

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CELEB SPOTTING: Jason Aldean stops by Grammys Pepsi Gifting Lounge

Jason Aldean was spotted at the Grammys Pepsi gifting lounge held at the Staples Center pre-Grammys on Saturday looking casual, cool and collect AND without a cowboy hat on!

And in case you were wondering if Aldean really does drink Pepsi, let’s just say he is a fan. In fact, before he was famous, Jason once delivered Pepsi to gas stations. Can you imagine Jason rocking one of those delivery-guy outfits?

At the Grammys last night, Aldean took the stage to perform his hit song “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Kelly Clarkson. Check it out below!

21221222957 by YardieGoals

Image via Wireimage

SEXY BITCH OF THE DAY: Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover Model

What all men (and probably women too) have been waiting for has been revealed…just a few hours early. Kate Upton is said to be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model and damn! I can surely see why.

But now I have some explaining to do. Ok, so this is a very new feature for us here at Celebrity VIP Lounge and here’s how it is all going to go down. We are going to choose our Sexy Bitch of the Day and give five reasons why that person deserves our title. Easy enough. Fair enough. So, are you ready?

1. Kate Upton looks fierce is a tiny string bikini.

2. Upton modeled a bride bikini in a classy fashion.

3. Kate posed as a Barbie of sorts. Barbies are cool!

4. Upton is a Victoria’s Secret model.

5. She makes me want to actually buy this hideous sleepwear set. (see photo in gallery)

The “official” Sports Illustrated cover will be debuted on David Letterman tonight.

You are welcome!

Selena Gomez is single!

After three years together, Selena Gomez and The Scene have broken up. I know all you Beliebers out there were wanting other news. So sorry to disappoint. Selena IS sad though, you guys.

Selena Gomez and The Scene are dunzo. Gomez said, “My band and I are going our separate ways for a while. This year is all about films and acting and I want my band to play music wherever with whoever. We will be back but, it will be a good while. I love them and I love you guys.”

Via Instagram, Gomez also posted a memorable photo of the group saying, “I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this group. They have been with me since day one and I can’t believe it’s actually over. . .I could not have done any of this without you. Currently bawling my eyes out. I’ll miss you guys.”

The band, consisting of singer Selena Gomez, drummer Gregory Garman, guitarist Joey Clement and keyboard player Dane Gorrest released THREE albums since 2009.

Adele Covers Vogue: Talks Drinking, Grammys and Sex

Adele is the “it” girl for Vogue’s March 2012 issue and rightfully so! Girlfriend cleaned house at the Grammys ceremony last night winning SIX gold trophies.

Check out the amazing photos (that are unfortunately photoshopped wayyy too much) and highlights from the Vogue interview below.


“I am quite loud and bolshie. I’m a big personality. I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.” Indeed. There is no doubt when Adele is in the building. The rule of thumb for protecting one’s vocal cords, she tells me, is: If people are more than an arm’s length away, you shouldn’t talk to them. “But I am like, Wah! Wah! Wah! It’s really bad.”


“Don’t like drinking anymore. I think I got it out of my system. D’yaknowhaImean?”


“I’ve been singing properly every day since I was about fifteen or sixteen and I have never had any problems with my voice, ever. I’ve had a sore throat here and there, had a cold and sung through it, but that day it just went while I was onstage in Paris during a radio show. It was literally like someone had pulled a curtain over it.” She flew to London the next morning to see her doctor and was diagnosed with acute laryngitis. After a couple weeks’ rest, she continued her European tour, came to America, and then her voice went again in May. “That was a hemorrhage… a burst blood vessel on my vocal cord. That healed, I did a tour, and then it happened again at my best friend’s wedding on October 1.”


“John Mayer had it done at the same time as I did and he really helped me be chilled out about it. Roger Daltrey’s had loads of stuff done; Steven Tyler reached out; Elton John. Lots of artists have had problems with their voices, but you don’t know about it. And they are still singing incredibly well in their 50s and 60s.”


“I hate the red carpet. I don’t feel insecure, I just feel like, Oh, I don’t want to do this. I literally get a stomach cramp. At the VMA’s last year I felt really out of my comfort zone because there were so many superstars there. But that’s been the case from day one. I never feel like, Oh, yeah, I should be here. And I was missing my best friend’s hen night. So I was a bit bitter that I wasn’t there, to be perfectly honest.”


“Oh, my God! love a bit of drama. That’s a bad thing. I can flip really quickly. I am not bipolar, but I go from ‘Oh, my God, I love you’ to ‘Get the fuck out of my house!’ really quickly. And I never sit there and talk about it. I give them the silent treatment. They’re like, ‘Tell me what I’ve done so I can say sorry!’ What else? It used to be that I loved a drink a bit too much. But I don’t drink no more. The good things: I am attentive. I will do anything for my man. I am a good cook. I’m funny. Always want to have sex.” She cracks up. “Well, most girls don’t!”


“I burst into tears when I found out. And I would love, absolutely love, to win. This record is coming to an end, and that would be the final brick on it.”

Check out the full interview and photos from Vogue here.

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Celine Dion: Whitney died from drugs, bad influences!

Celine Dion believes that drugs are what killed Whitney Houston. And from what we mentioned earlier, it could have been prescription pills that were the final dagger to Whitney’s life.

We all know that Whitney had a tough time with drugs and alcohol, but from the way things were looking, Houston’s life and career were on the up and up as she had finished filming the film Sparkle with Jordin Sparks that many thought would be key to Whit’s comeback.

This morning Celine spoke with Good Morning America via telephone and gave her opinion on Whit’s passing.

Dion said, “Whitney has been an amazing inspiration for me … It’s just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people or bad influence took over. It took over her dreams. It took over her love and motherhood. When you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that, for whatever reason. Is it because of the stress and bad influence? What happens when you have everything?”

True. I’ve often thought about this. What do you do when you have reached the top, when you’ve accomplished all you’ve wanted to accomplish? There is nothing more to aim and once you get to the top, the only way to go is down.

Image via Getty Images

Celebrities React to Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston Tribute at Grammys

Last night was a difficult one for Jennifer Hudson as she took the stage to perform a last minute tribute put together to honor the late, great Whitney Houston who died not even one day before the Grammys ceremony.

And while J-Hud is not Whitney (and surely nobody is), but I thought that Hudson did an amazing job belting out Whit’s hit “I Will Always Love You”. Check out what other celebrities said about the tribute on Twitter below.

“It’s amazing how the lyrics to I Will Always Love You had a whole new meaning tonight . Bravo Jennifer. RIP Whitney” – Derek Hough

“Jennifer Hudson has some serious pipes!” – Chris Daughtry

“Just saw @IAMJHUD ‘s tribute to Whitney online (Thanks again @CBS ) – simple, beautiful, powerful, perfect. #Grammys” – Piers Morgan

“Oh God. Jennifer Hudson. #GRAMMYS” – Nia Vardalos

“both ladies sang very moving tributes to Whitney. Inspirational” – Adam Lambert

“You did Whitney Houston @IAmJHud and looked fabulous!!! Girl can you bottle up some of those hips in a 6oz jar & sell ‘em to me! xoxo” – Sherri Shepherd

“#Adele #JenniferHudson #BonnieRaitt #love #grammys” – Eliza Dushku

“This is sooo heartbreaking with Jennifer Hudsons tribute to Whitney–OMG- soo sad” – Lisa Gastineau

“Jennifer Hudson’s tribute performance = tears” – Denise Vasi

“Jennifer hudson did it justice!!!” – QTip

“That was absolutely beautiful Jennifer Hudson. Absolutely beautiful! Made me smile. Great tribute” – Amber Riley

“Thank you @IAMJHUD” – L.A. Reid

“Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney tribute was BEAUTIFUL!!” – Shannon Elizabeth

“Jennifer Hudson struggling to keep her composure, but pulls it off. Great Tribute to Whitney Houston #Grammys” – Trevor Donovan

“cant imagine the shoes Jhud had to fill all while mourning Whitney herself. the world stood still for 2min to watch her tribute.. Bravo Jen!” – Spinderella

“Wow Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job honoring Whitney Houston … I think they should have saved Jennifer Hudson’s tribute for the finale.” Khloe Kardashian

“Is anyone else crying like I am after listening to Jennifer Hudson at the #Grammys? Such a beautiful tribute to Whitney. Blessings to all.XO” – Robin Roberts

“Thank you Jennifer Hudson for a profoundly beautiful tribute to Whitney Houston. We will always love her. Xo” – Pam Grier

“Thank you Jennifer Hudson for reminding everyone that nobody can sing like Whitney.” – Jason Biggs

Check out the tribute below and then let me know what you think!

Bobbi Kristina Found in Bathtub One Night Before Whitney’s Death

Now if this story doesn’t make you a tad creeped out, I am not sure what will. Apparently one day before Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton, her daughter Bobbi Kristina was found asleep in a bathtub at the same hotel. Ummm, yeah. She was, however, still breathing.

TMZ is reporting that

friends of Bobbi Kristina tried knocking on her door repeatedly Friday night … but she didn’t answer. We’re told they called security to get them to unlock the door and help them get Bobbi out of the tub.

Our sources say it happened on the same floor of the hotel where Whitney would be found dead the next day. We’re told the room Bobbi Kristina was in was booked under Whitney’s name.

Um, is there just a coincidence that this would happen? I mean seriously. I don’t even know what to say about this because it creeps me out so bad.

Our friends at Radaronline.com are also reporting that

since Houston’s death, Bobbi Kristina has been hospitalized twice in a 12-hour span at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

According to a source, “She tried to ease the pain of losing her mother by having a few alcoholic drinks. She was distraught, on the verge of a complete breakdown. Not knowing what to do, members of her mother’s entourage tried to calm her down with a sedative. The two were an unfortunate mix, and she ended up passing out.”

Are you effing kidding me? Who are these people of her mother’s entourage? Good gawd! Obviously not real bright. Alcohol and pills don’t mix, especially considering that could very possibly be the way that Whitney went out.

Image via Getty Images

REPORT: Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Prescription Pills

TMZ is reporting that Whitney Houston’s family was told by LA County Coroner officers that Whitney died from a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs MIXED with alcohol. Yes, a lethal drug cocktail. Apparently she did NOT die from drowning, despite other reports and according to TMZ. The officials told the fam that there was not enough water in Whit’s lungs to declare a death by drowning and that she may have died before her head was submerged in the water.

Also to clear up other rumors, according to TMZ, it was Whitney’s aunt Mary Jones who discovered the singer’s body in the bath tub not the bodyguard, the hairdresser or Ray-J. After discovering her in the tub, she pulled Whitney out and began giving her CPR.

We will not know for certain the true cause of death (at least on paper anyways) until the toxicology report comes out in about a month, but it seems more commonplace that prescription pills are more of an issue for celebrities these days. Is it because they are legal and easily accessible? Sure the doctors can write the prescriptions, but they can’t control how many pills the patient takes!

We’ll have to wait and see for certain what the toxicology report says, but so far it’s not looking like natural causes.

Birthday Bitches

Mena Suvari is 33.

Kim Novak is 79.

George Segal (“Just Shoot Me”) is 78.

Peter Tork of The Monkees is 70.

Carol Lynley is 70.

Stockard Channing is 68.

Jerry Springer is 68.

Bo Svenson (“Walking Tall”) is 68.

Peter Gabriel is 62.

Actor David Naughton is 61.

Peter Hook of New Order and Joy Division is 56.

Matt Salinger is 52.

Henry Rollins is 51.

Neal McDonough (“Boomtown”) is 46.

Freedom Williams (C & C Music Factory) is 46.

Kelly Hu (“Martial Law”) is 44.

Todd Harrell of 3 Doors Down is 40.

MC Natalie Stewart of Floetry is 33.

Image via Getty Images

Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together?

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown back together? We have been suspecting this for months now and perhaps we are just looking too much into what we are thinking are subliminal tweets between Brown and Ri. But more and more information (rumors?) keeps coming out about these two and it makes me wonder.

It was on her Twitter page that Ri posted the following tweet, “#1LOVE RT @TheNoteboook: Feelings that come back are feelings that never truly went away” Seriously. What else could this be about? Just a love for this particular quote from the most romantic movie ever? Eye roll. Come on!

So Hollywood Life is reporting that Ri and Breezy got pretty cozy backstage during Grammy rehearsals. Yeah, like FOUR hours worth!

An alleged insider told the website that Rihanna, 23, and Chris, 22, just spent four hours behind closed doors in a dressing room at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, the home of Sunday’s awards show. “They care about each other and they do talk a lot, but they feel like they have to hide their feelings for each other,” the source reported.

“Rihanna knows everyone will judge her, and even her family and closest friends do not want them to be back together,” the insider continued. “Rihanna is afraid if she is seen with Chris it will have a negative impact on her career.” Brown, who notoriously beat his then-girlfriend on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards, has just been ordered by a judge to remain on supervised probation as mandated in his sentencing for the assault.

Well add in the fact that these two just happen to be hanging out at the same places at the same time. The same evening of the Grammy rehearsals, Ri and Chris were spotted leaving the SAME club.

Hmmm. So what do you think? Will these two get back together? And what about Brown’s hanger-on girlfriend aspiring model Karrueche Tran?

Grammy Awards 2012 Winners LIST

Here is the list of Grammy Awards nominees and the complete winners list for 2012. We are updating the list as the evening goes on!

Best Rap Performance

“Look At Me Now” — Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
“Otis” — Jay-Z & Kanye West
“The Show Goes On” — Lupe Fiasco
“Moment 4 Life” — Nicki Minaj & Drake
“Black And Yellow” — Wiz Khalifa

Best Pop Solo Performance

“Someone Like You” — Adele
“Yoü And I” — Lady Gaga
“Grenade” — Bruno Mars
“Firework” — Katy Perry
“F***in’ Perfect” — Pink

Album Of The Year

21— Adele
Wasting Light— Foo Fighters
Born This Way— Lady Gaga
Doo-Wops & Hooligans — Bruno Mars
Loud — Rihanna

Best Country Album

My Kinda Party – Jason Aldean
Chief – Eric Church
Own The Night – Lady Antebellum
Red River Blue – Blake Shelton
Here For A Good Time – George Strait
Speak Now- Taylor Swift

Record Of The Year

“Rolling In The Deep” — Adele
“Holocene” — Bon Iver
“Grenade” — Bruno Mars
“The Cave” — Mumford & Sons
“Firework” — Katy Perry

Best New Artist

The Band Perry
Bon Iver
J. Cole
Nicki Minaj

Song Of The Year

“All Of The Lights” — Jeff Bhasker, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter & Kanye West, songwriters (Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie)
“The Cave” — Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford & Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford & Sons)
“Grenade” — Brody Brown, Claude Kelly, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars & Andrew Wyatt, songwriters (Bruno Mars)
“Holocene” — Justin Vernon, songwriter (Bon Iver)
“Rolling In The Deep” — Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth, songwriters (Adele)

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

“Body And Soul” — Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse
“Dearest” — The Black Keys
“Paradise” — Coldplay
“Pumped Up Kicks” — Foster The People
“Moves Like Jagger” — Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera

Best Rock Performance

“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” — Coldplay
“Down By The Water” — The Decemberists
“Walk” — Foo Fighters
“The Cave” — Mumford & Sons
“Lotus Flower” — Radiohead

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance

“On The Backs Of Angels” — Dream Theater
“White Limo” — Foo Fighters
“Curl Of The Burl”— Mastodon
“Public Enemy No. 1″ — Megadeth
“Blood In My Eyes”— Sum 41

Best Rock Album

Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul— Jeff Beck
Wasting Light— Foo Fighters
Come Around Sundown— Kings Of Leon
I’m With You— Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Whole Love— Wilco

Best Alternative Music Album

Bon Iver— Bon Iver
Codes And Keys— Death Cab For Cutie
Torches— Foster The People
Circuital — My Morning Jacket
The King Of Limbs— Radiohead

Best Traditional R&B Performance

“Sometimes I Cry” — Eric Benét
“Fool For You” — Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona
“Radio Message” — R. Kelly
“Good Man” — Raphael Saadiq
“Surrender” — Betty Wright & The Roots

Best R&B Album

F.A.M.E.— Chris Brown
Second Chance — El DeBarge
Love Letter — R. Kelly
Pieces Of Me— Ledisi
Kelly— Kelly Price

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration

“Party” — Beyoncé & André 3000
“I’m On One” — DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
“I Need A Doctor” — Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey
“What’s My Name?” — Rihanna & Drake
“Motivation” — Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne
“All Of The Lights” — Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie

Best Country Solo Performance

“Dirt Road Anthem” — Jason Aldean
“I’m Gonna Love You Through It” — Martina McBride
“Honey Bee” — Blake Shelton
“Mean” — Taylor Swift
“Mama’s Song” — Carrie Underwood

Best Country Song

“Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” — Jim Collins & David Lee Murphy, songwriters (Thompson Square)
“God Gave Me You” — Dave Barnes, songwriter (Blake Shelton)
“Just Fishin’” — Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell & Ed Hill, songwriters (Trace Adkins)
“Mean” — Taylor Swift, songwriter (Taylor Swift)
“Threaten Me With Heaven” — Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Will Owsley & Dillon O’Brian, songwriters (Vince Gill)
“You And Tequila” — Matraca Berg & Deana Carter, songwriters (Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter)

Best Americana Album

Emotional Jukebox— Linda Chorney
Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down— Ry Cooder
Hard Bargain— Emmylou Harris
Ramble At The Ryman— Levon Helm
Blessed— Lucinda Williams

Best Blues Album

Low Country Blues — Gregg Allman
Roadside Attractions— Marcia Ball
Man In Motion— Warren Haynes
The Reflection — Keb’Mo’
Revelator— Tedeschi Trucks Band

Best Folk Album

Barton Hollow— The Civil Wars
I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive— Steve Earle
Helplessness Blues— Fleet Foxes
Ukulele Songs— Eddie Vedder
The Harrow & The Harvest— Gillian Welch

Best Rock Song

“The Cave” — Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford & Country Winston (Mumford & Sons)
“Down By The Water” — Colin Meloy (The Decemberists)
“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” — Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion & Chris Martin (Coldplay)
“Lotus Flower” — Colin Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Phil Selway & Thomn Yorke (Radiohead)
“Walk” — Foo Fighters

Producer Of The Year Non-Classical

Danger Mouse
Paul Epworth
the Smeezingtons (Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars)
Ryan Tedder
Butch Vig

Best Pop Instrumental Album

The Road From Memphis —Booker T. Jones
Wish Upon A Star — Jenny Oaks Baker
E Kahe Malie — Daniel Ho
Hello Tomorrow — Dave Koz
Setzer Goes Instru-Mental! — Brian Setzer

Best Pop Vocal Album

21 — Adele
The Lady Killer — Cee Lo Green
Born This Way — Lady Gaga
Doo-Wops & Hooligans — Bruno Mars
Loud — Rihanna

Best Dance/Electronica Album

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites — Skrillex
Zonoscope — Cut/Copy
4×4 = 12 — Deadmau5
Nothing But The Beat — David Guetta
Body Talk, Pt. 3 — Robyn

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

The Gift — Sussan Boyle
Duets II — Tony Bennett & Various Artists
In Concert On Broadway — Harry Connick Jr.
Music Is Better Than Words — Seth MacFarlane
What Matters Most – Barbra Streisand Sings The Lyrics Of Alan and Marilyn Bergman — Barbra Streisand

Best R&B Performance

“Is This Love” — Corinne Bailey Rae
“Far Away” — Marsha Ambrosius
“Pieces Of Me” — Ledisi
“Not My Daddy” — Kelly Price & Stokley
“You Are” — Charlie Wilson

Best Dance Recording

“Raise Your Weapon” — Deadmau5 & Greta Svabo Bech
“Barbra Streisand” — Duck Sauce
“Sunshine” — David Guetta & Avicii
“Call Your Girlfriend” — Robyn
“Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” — Skrillex
“Save The World” — Swedish House Mafia

Whitney Houston’s Last Performance video

Whitney Houston’s final performance just so happened to take place a couple of night’s ago at the Kelly Price & Friends pre-Grammy celebration. Price and Houston sang a duet of “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” and a fan caught it on tape.

It is obvious that Whitney had more talent than most singers these days but this performance doesn’t exactly showcase the voice we all knew and loved.

Despite the hoarseness of her voice and the sweat dripping from her brow, Kelly Price admits that no hard partying was going on.

Price said, “Things people want to allude to are not what I saw. There was no craziness going on, absolutely none of it. It was a great musical event. And honestly, I’m saying it because her daughter was there with her, my two children were there with me. It was an atmosphere that lent itself to being okay for our kids to be there. So that’s what was going on. She came down, and we had a ball like we always do,” Price said. “We laughed, danced, sang and cried and talked about the stuff that we talk about – the kids, life outside of the business. It was good, she was good. It was great, she had a good time, she was happy and that was all night long.”

Check out Whitney Houston’s FINAL performance below.

Image via Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: Pepsi Presents the We Heart Pop Grammy Party Recap

The Pepsi’ We (heart) POP event was held at the Candorolet House in downtown LA yesterday and the stars came out to celebrate the Best New Artist nominees, a category that will be presented by Pepsi at this evening’s ceremony. Guests were also treated to a special unveiling of the Best New Artist video series.

Pepsi, Pandora and The Recording Academy recently launched an original content video series showcasing the 54th GRAMMY Best New Artist nominees, including Band Perry, Bon Iver, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, and Skrillex.

Celebrities in attendance included Glee stars Kevin McHale, Josh Sussman and Jenna Ushkowitz, Extra’s Maria Menounos, Spy Kids’ Alexa Vega, John West, Hyper Crush, Marcus Canty from X-Factor, Shaggy and The Biggest Loser trainer and hottie Dolvett Quince.

Taryn Manning was the deejay of the event and even the stars busted a move. McHale broke out in a dance to Nicki Minaj’s smash hit “Dance” while Glee’s trio of stars in attendance huddled in a corner enjoying the music and sharing a great laugh.

Images via Wireimage.com