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More than just celebrity gossip

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem break up!

Sad news for Nick Jonas fans today. The Jonas Brother is officially single. Yes, Jonas and Australian beauty Delta Goodrem announced today that they have decided to call it quits after nine months together (the couple started dating back in May of 2010).

So why the split? Goodrem’s rep released the following statement: “Nick and Delta have decided mutually to end their relationship. At this point in time, they are both focused on their careers as they go on different paths. They remain friends and wish each other the best for the future.”

Goodrem landed herself a judging role on the Australian version of The Voice, while Jonas is Jonas is currently starring in Broadway musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

Let’s be honest here. Surely these two are in different places in their lives. Cripes she is 27 (and probably looking for someone to settle down with), while he is just a young pup at 19. Did you REALLY think it would last?

Yep, me neither.

Image via Getty Images

Whitney Houston’s “The Bodyguard” Wardrobe To Be Auctioned



















After the passing of a talented well-known artist, the stories surrounding them don’t stop for a while. The same goes for Whitney Houston. And only two days after her funeral, one of her costumes is already up on the auction block!

“It’s a celebration of her life,” celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien told the Associated Press on Sunday. “If you hide these things in fear that you’re going to offend someone…her life is to be celebrated. These items are historic now that she passed. They become a part of history. They should be in museums. She’s lived a life and had a career that nobody else has ever had.”

Julien added that the late singer’s items will be among other celebrity memorabilia like silent film star Charlie Chaplin’s cane and Clark Gable’s jacket from Gone With the Wind.

Can we say too soon? I mean, really. I know that we all want to celebrate and pay tribute to Whitney, and she deserves that. But she JUST passed away. Her family and friends had to bury her SATURDAY, and we’re already talking about auctioning off stuff? It’s too soon, and seems very opportunist of all involved. The dress itself was valued at $1000 before Whitney’s death, and now the price of that dress and earrings is going to skyrocket! It’s too soon to be auctioning off her things, but I guess people want to take advantage.

Photo via Bumpshack

Whitney’s Manager Patricia Houston Breaks Down at Whitney Houston’s Burial

During Whitney Houston’s burial at Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey on Sunday, we are hearing that Whitney Houston’s manager and sister-in-law Patricia Houston was so grief-stricken and upset that she had to be treated by paramedics…this according to music producer David Gest.

Gest tells Britain’s The Sun, “The grief was so overwhelming for Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager Pat Houston that she started hyperventilating at the graveside and paramedics had to be called to assist her. Pat was a brilliant manager and I remember Whitney telling me when we met in Copenhagen last March that Pat really kept her organization running smoothly. Family was important to Whitney and they have always been involved in the daily operations of her organization. Pat was not only a manager but a best friend, like another sister. Whitney told me she could always confide in Pat and nothing was ever leaked to the press.”

Pat seemed so calm cool and collected as she gave a beautiful tribute to Whitney during her sister-in-law’s funeral, but the grief must have finally hit her when it came time to bury Whit. Our thoughts are with the family as they continue to grieve. It will be only time (and lots of it) to even remotely heal the wounds of their loss.

Zac Efron and Taylor Swift Talk Valentine’s Day on Ellen Show

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron make an exclusive joint appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, February 21st to chat about the animated film “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.” Ellen talks with Taylor and Zac about the rumor they are dating, Zac’s new tattoo and how they spent Valentine’s Day. Plus, tune-in to see Taylor and Zac perform an acoustic duet they especially wrote for Ellen.


Ellen: Since you’re a couple you will tell me…

Taylor: We are not a couple. He’s awesome, we are not a couple though. You hear people get together when they’re shooting movies, co-stars. But not like animated co-stars. You know what I’m saying.

Zac: Yeah (laughing)

Taylor: Oh my god, as we were recording out voiceovers on separate coasts we really connected.

Ellen: Alright we’ll talk about the fact that you’re a couple later..


Ellen: You’re wearing my underwear getting a tattoo.

Zac: You gave those to me personally.

Ellen: I did and what I want to know is…Did someone take a picture of you? (Ellen shows photo of Zac getting his tattoo) Obviously, you’re kind of posing for it.

Zac: Clearly I’m in pain. I looked down and saw your name on my underwear and I said man, I got to get a tattoo.

Ellen: So it says Ellen right there (on his arm) you’re getting my name put on you..

Zac: That’s what I’m getting…

Ellen: That is fantastic.


Ellen: So what did you all do for Valentine’s Day together?

Taylor: He had plans on Valentine’s Day.

Ellen: What did you do?

Taylor: I actually had a pathetic single girls party. It was cool. That’s actually what it was called. I’m not saying that being single is pathetic. We’ve talked about this. I think it’s awesome. I had all my single girlfriends over and we ate junk food and just ate what ever we wanted and danced. We made these little profile cards about why we’re single.

Zac: That’s so different then what single guys do.

Ellen: What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Zac: I went to a screening of a film that I did called “Liberal Arts.” Then cooked some dinner.

Ellen: With who?

Zac: A friend.

Ellen: What’s her name?

Zac: Ellen.

Ellen: That’s right we’re together. Ok, finally the truth comes out.

Photo Credit: Micheal Rozman/Warner Bros.

Cissy Houston Shares Tear-Jerking Letter Written To Daughter Whitney Houston

In a very touching letter shared with all of those who attended Whitney Houston’s going home event, Cissy Houston expressed her sadness for losing her daughter. The letter was written by Cissy after Whitney’s death. In the letter Cissy writes, “I never told you that when you were born the Holy Spirit told me that you would not be with me for long and I thank God for the beautiful flower he allowed me to raise and cherish for 48 years.”

Check it out below.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Cissy and the rest of the family who are mourning the loss of Whitney.

Birthday Bitches

Ellen Page is 25.

Gary Lockwood is 75.

David Geffen is 69.

Tyne Daly is 66.

Anthony Daniels (C3P0 in “Star Wars” films) is 66.

Alan Rickman is 66.

Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads is 63.

William Petersen is 59.

Kelsey Grammer is 57.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is 54.

Jack Coleman is 54.

Christopher Atkins is 51.

Ranking Roger of General Public and of English Beat is 51.

William Baldwin is 49.

Eric Heatherly is 42.

Eric Wilson (Sublime) is 42.

Tad Kinchla of Blues Traveler is 39.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is 33.

Charlotte Church is 26.

Corbin Bleu is 23.

Image via Getty Images

Rihanna Releases Birthday Cake Remix featuring Chris Brown: NSFW!

So the Turn Up the Music remix was released via Chris (listen to it here) and now we have our hands on the Rihanna Birthday Cake remix featuring Chris Brown. If you’ve heard “Birthday Cake”, you know that it is a lovely metaphor for getting your freak on. After listening to this song and the lyrics that Chris spit, I could definitely sense a bit of sexual tension.

Both Ri and Brown tweeted the links to their new song but both were almost immediately taken down. Lucky for you, we found them.

Be warned..the lyrics to this song are NSFW! Breezy spends most of his verse repeating most of Ri’s lyrics but his opening is a tad controversial. Breezy sings, “Girl, I wanna fuck you right now / Been a long time, I been missing your body.”

I’m not going to say whether I feel Ri and Chris and doing the right thing with their actions, but gawd damn. I’m not going to pretend like I don’t like this song.

I’m willing to bet that RocNation will NOT release this track as a single.

Peep the remix below!

Image via Getty Images

Chris Brown Releases “Turn Up The Music” Remix featuring Rihanna

Chris Brown has released the Turn Up The Music remix featuring…Rihanna. Yep. You read that right. I guess we have an answer to those collaboration rumors. Wowsers.

Look, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Chris Brown for a hot minute. But I can’t lie. His music makes me forget it all and this remix of Turn Up the Music has me floored. If Rihanna is okay with it then I am okay with it.

All I can say is when you listen to this make sure you turn up the mutha fockin’ music.

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Jessica Biel Shows Off Engagement Ring!

Jessica Biel is finally showing off an engagement ring. After Justin Timberlake’s impromptu gig on Saturday Night Live, the duo hit up the show’s after party at Asellina in Gansevoort Park Hotel. And that, my friends, was where Jessica flashed her rock. Suddenly the party that was supposed to celebrate Justin’s cameos turned into a look at my big fat bling party for Jess. A source told Us Weekly that “Jessica was showing off her ring.”

And do you blame her? Girlfriend has probably been begging for a gawd damn ring and then the news came out that she finally got her way we didn’t ring the proof on THAT finger.

But not was Jessica happily flaunting her rock, she got her man to indulge in some PDA. Another source said that “They were very lovey. Holding hands. They kissed a few times in front of the crew.”

Ok girl. Let’s see it. Show the world what you’ve managed to do what Cameron Diaz (and other woman before) couldn’t.

Lindsay Lohan to Host ‘SNL’ For No Apparent Reason

Lindsay Lohan is set to be SNL host on March 3rd. Yes, you read that right.

The first question that immediately comes to mind is…


There are tons of viable actresses out there that could use the publicity more than her. On top of that, they’re not crackheads with a penchant for dabbing ‘flour’ up their nose between commercial breaks.

It really could be argued quite convincingly that NBC, Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live are enablers when it comes to Lindsay Lohan and her alleged career. WTF is she doing that is worthy of hosting that show other than prison stints and popping her poon for the general buying public? The last time she had a movie worth promoting was almost ten years ago yet she keeps getting booked on there like she is the second coming of Drew Barrymore.

She is more like the first coming of Strawberry Snortcake.


Whitney Houston Auction Will Include Personal Possessions

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Tyga’s Careless World Album Recalled Over Unauthorized Sample

Rapper Tyga‘s excitement for his new album release may have toned down a tad. According to a report, his album Careless World: Rise of the Last King was supposed to be released tomorrow, but because of an unapproved sample of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., bosses at Best Buy and Amazon have been ordered to return all of their shipments!

According to HipHopDX.com,

the star’s title track, Careless World, features a recording of King delivering a speech but the content was never cleared by his estate executors, resulting in a copyright dispute. Tyga’s record label executives are now scrambling to correct the problem ahead of the album’s slated release and the rapper has since assured fans everything is still on schedule.

Did he really think that he could get away with such a sample? Cripes. You’d think a musician (and their “team”) would know better.

Tyga didn’t seem too bothered by the album retraction. He tweets, “Damn… tryna (sic) pull my album out (of) stores. They dont (sic) want me to win huh… LOL (laugh out loud) Tues (Tuesday) Careless World will be everywhere!! Itunes,Target, Walmart, Best Buy!!”

Tyga lives in a careless world indeed. Pun intended.

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Back Together!

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sure they broke up after four years together, but it seems that Nicole and Lewis can’t get enough of each other. And while they publicly admitted that they still respect and admire each other, a reunion is not so surprising.

It was back after their split in October that Hamilton said, “We still have very, very strong feelings for each other and I still love her very much… Who knows, maybe we’ll be together in the future.”

Earlier this month the couple were spotted together in Los Angeles and in Ireland, where Nicole was performing.

And just recently the duo were photographed enjoying a two day trip in Monaco. A source told Britain’s The Sun, “They are taking things slowly and trying to avoid the same mistakes. They’re making sure they get every moment they can together.”

I think these two were meant to be together. I’m just wondering what is holding Lewis back from putting a ring on it because I’m pretty sure after four years of dating, THAT is what Nicole is wanting.

Image via Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg Takes his Kids to Watch Tattoo Removal

Mark Wahlberg is teaching his kids a thing or two about tattoos. Don’t get them! In order to dissuade his kiddos from indulging in a tattoo or two, he took his kids with to watch him get his tattoos removed!

Wahlberg told the Today show that he decided to get rid of his six or seven tats before he started shooting The Fighter back in 2010 and he took his kids with him to watch the painful removal of the tats! Mark told the Today show, “(All the tattoos) have meaning to me, but it’s both personal and professional. I don’t want my kids getting tattoos. And I wanted them to be (removed) by the time I did The Fighter because putting make-up on and covering them up has always been a pain in the butt. I’ve taken my two older kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is and what I have to go through.”

I’m sure that was an eye opener for those kids!

Image via Getty Images

Chris Brown Wishes Rihanna Happy Birthday on Twitter

It is Rihanna’s birthday today, February 20th and she is now 24 years old. And still fueling the fire to the getting back together rumors is Chris Brown who wished Rihanna a happy birthday via Twitter.

Early this morning Brown tweeted, “Happy Birthday Robyn!” (Robyn is Rihanna’s birth name.) Rihanna simply responded back with a polite “Thanks!”

While it is no surprise that these two are friends AND enjoying each other’s company and friendship, we still don’t know if they are more than friends. Besides, Breezy is still hanging with aspiring model Karrueche Tran, which leads me to believe that this “relationship” is to prove to the world that he is capable of engaging in a relationship with another female without flipping the eff out on her.

And even though we do not know for sure, we do know that there may be a collaboration between Ri and Breezy soon. Rumors have been swirling that Brown may appear on Rihanna’s remix of “Birthday Cake”, which appears on her Talk That Talk album.

We shall see!