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More than just celebrity gossip

In Touchy Weekly: Kim Kardashian ruined by Mom!

In the next issue of In Touch we get to read about about Kim Kardashian and how Kris Jenner is supposedly the one who ruined her. In ruining her, we mean making her the fame monger that she is currently, instead of the fun loving kid that she used to be.

One of the things she is said to have done is push Kim to have sex at the ripe age of 14. Along with the fact that Kris also made Kim obsessed with having money and spending money.

In the issue:

Hyping her new book on the talk show circuit, Kris Jenner has been going into embarrassing detail about the steamy affair she had with a much younger man while married to her first husband, Robert Kardashian. “We had wild, crazy sex all the time,” she writes in Kris Jenner… and All Things Kardashian. “Sex in cars, sex on the tennis court, sex in the pool house… sex everywhere, all the time.”

But while Kris, 56, claims to regret being unfaithful for personal reasons, she still seems blissfully unaware of the toll her wild antics took on her children — especially Kim.

This behavior is something that turned the nice kid that she could have been into the monster that she is right now. In fact there have been rumors that Kris is the reason why Kim had filed for divorce so quickly from Kris Humphries. The reason? Because he wasn’t good enough for her. Instead, she needs an A list guy.

Quote of the Day: Jennifer Aniston

“[Is she busy] gossiping about more successful people that are better-looking than her? Putting her name on another dumb book to make the world an even dumber place? It’s a shock that she really still has her own show! That little guy… the little one that she slept with to get the gig? He doesn’t even work for the network anymore. And then her hygiene… have you noticed this? Honestly, when we were in Cabo, she never showered! She would be like, ‘What? I went in the pool’. It’s gross!”

Jennifer Aniston, on her friend Chelsea Handler

Image via Wireimage.com

Sleeper Agent Announce Live Dates With Ben Kweller

Sleeper Agent recently announced live U.S. dates this spring supporting Ben Kweller, kicking off March 20th in Hartford, CT. The Bowling Green, KY natives and Rolling Stone “Band To Watch” will also perform both weekends of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on April 15th and 22nd. Details and tour dates below!

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Birthday Bitches

Ellen DeGeneres is 54.

Anne Jeffreys is 89.

Bob Uecker is 77.

Scott Glenn is 73.

Jean Knight is 69.

Corky Laing of Mountain is 64.

David Strathairn is 63.

Lucinda Williams is 59.

Eddie Van Halen is 57.

Norman Hassan of UB40 is 54.

Andrew Ridgeley (Wham!) is 49.

Jazzie B. of Soul II Soul is 49.

Paul Johansson (“One Tree Hill”) is 48.

Kirk Franklin is 42.

Chris Hesse of Hoobastank is 38.

Sara Rue is 34.

Michael Martin of Marshall Dyllon is 29.

Ringo Starr Set to Release New Album

Exciting news! Ringo Starr is set to release his new album, Ringo 2012, stateside on january 31st, with an international release  on January 30th! The upcoming album marks his 17th solo studio record, and his second on Hip-O/Ume. More details, including tracklisting below!

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Ben Stiller’s New Comedy Show Airing This Fall

Alright, TV Watchers, raise your hand if you remember Ben Stiller’s last show, The Ben Stiller Show.

 I didn’t think so.

 But, lucky for us, Ben Stiller will be returning to the small screen with his new show this fall called, All Talk about the rises and pitfalls of a Jewish family living in Washington,D.C.I’m sure it will be all sorts of awesome.

Why will it be awesome?

First of all, the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, who wrote the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, will be writing the script and he’s already written the pilot of the script as well.

With that in mind, it makes the news about this show being, “politically, religiously, culturally, intellectually, and sexually irreverent” sound that much cooler, doesn’t it?

Second awesome point is that Alan Alda, who hasn’t been in very much since M*A*S*H, but he’s still an awesomely funny guy and somehow I can totally see him with Ben Stiller (who will not only be staring in the show, but working as an Executive Producer beside Jon Foer).

Two of the other Executive Producers include, Scott Rudin and Eli Bush. Rudin and Stiller had their little duet prior to this with Zoolander. And I don’t know about you, but I totally thought Zoolander was funny. I mean, a little bit, right? It had its moments.

And speaking of HBO, the new show, Luck will be airing Sunday at 9 PM on HBO. Starring Nick Nolte, Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina as the awesome stellar cast and it will take place in a horse race track, and if you enjoy your share of characters who have dark pasts, a ton of problems and like to gamble, than this show is for you.

Not to mention, you might want to catch Kiefer Sutherland, who stars in a new show called Touch, airing tonight on Fox at, about a single father who discovers his son can predict the future. I know what you’re thinking, though – those predict the future shows are bound to crash into a bed of awfulness right? Maybe, or maybe not. It has been compared to Sutherland’s last television show 24 but with a bit more importance being set on the relationship between the father and his son.

You can catch Touch tonight on Fox 9/8 C and Luck this Sunday, January 29th on HBO at 9 Pm.

Cynthia Nixon Goes Bald, Says Being Gay is a Choice

As Sex and the City‘s Miranda Hobbes, she was one of TV’s most recognizable redheads. But Cynthia Nixon unveiled a stark new look on Live With Kelly Tuesday morning.

The actress surprised viewers with a bald head after shaving her locks off for her role in the Manhattan Theatre Club production of Wit. She plays cancer stricken poetry professor Vivian Bearing in the play, which opens on January 26 at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.

See the new look after the jump.

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When Celebrities Tweet: Patricia Heaton

Some celebrities don’t need an excuse like Twitter to go a little crazy in their willingness to share their opinions with the public, but let’s face it, Twitter is the super-highway when it comes to celebrities letting their crazy out.

In the case of The Middle actress Patricia Heaton, the “crazy” is perhaps subjective, with those who agree with her statements likely to see it as truth rather than another case of a celebrity in need of a PR intervention.

So what’s got Patricia Heaton tweeting?

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Rihanna gets Thug Life tattoo (PHOTO)

Rihanna was spotted the other day smoking the wacky tabacky and now she’s rocking a Thug Life tattoo (in tribute to 2Pac) that she recently got inked on her knuckles. (At least we think the tat is real, considering she did get photographed IN a tattoo parlor which a former felon turned actor and some other old dude I probably should be familiar with but I’m not.

And it really doesn’t matter because we’re talking Thug Life, people. While Ri has openly admitted to smoking cush via her Twitter and is supposedly being a rebel by secretly hooking up with violent ex Chris Brown, I’m really starting to wonder, ponder and question Ri’s actions. Is this all an act for her

What is Ri trying to prove with all this big and badness? Is she showing us she has grown a bigger back bone and is not going to take shiznit from anyone or is she revealing her secret more thug-like self? Should we be owing Chris Brown an apology? Ok, ok. That was wrong, but hey, it does take two to tango and Ri is surely showing she’s boss this go ’round!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Finding love in a hopeless place can bring out the thug in anyone!

CELEB SPOTTING: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, “Smashed” at Sundance Film Festival

Mary Elizabeth Winstead looked smashing at the Smashed premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Sunday, January 22nd. I’m totally loving the coat she’s rocking, which is an Ivana Helsinki Lake Coat 5 that you can check out at the Ivana Helsinki boutique.

Looking good, girl!

Bachelor Ben Flajnik gets grilled about Courtney on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Bachelor Ben Flajnik stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday January 25th and gets grilled hard by Ellen about Courtney and how she played him. Ellen gets it all out. I love it.

Ellen: Speaking of reassurance, last week…Courtney. She manipulated you to try and get that rose because she said, oh, I don’t know how I feel. Then you went and got the rose and gave it to her. That was not right. She may be a lovely person and you’re probably engaged to her but the thing is, the way that it was edited she came off not nice…and I could be wrong. It’s not fair to judge someone like that but she was just playing you..man. She was playing you. Saying all the things you wanted to hear.

Ben: I can’t comment on any of this stuff.

Ellen: She’s a model. So that’s exciting.

Ben: I told my mom and my sister before this thing started. I didn’t want the models and the LA… and that kind of stuff. So that was one of the hurdles.

Ellen: Right and there she was.

Ben: You’re killing me Ellen…

Ellen: I know that it must be hard for you to watch because you didn’t see them. Some women tried to warn you but that sounds weird that people are warning you.

Ben: You never know what’s going on, on that side. You never know who to trust. Like you said earlier backstage. You wish there was a mole. Yeah, it would be nice if there were a mole back there.

Ellen: Someone could tap you on the shoulder and go uh-uh. No, no… All right, I’m going to find you a nice girl because that didn’t work.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Quote of the Day: Oprah Winfrey

“I am not the marrying kind. I know that in a country like India where women have arranged marriages that turn into love, it may seem like a mystery as to why. But if we [referring to Graham] were married, by now we would be divorced.”

Oprah Winfrey, on whether she will every marry longtime love Stedman Graham

Joe Jonas & Jennifer Love Hewitt get “Hot In Cleveland” (VIDEO)

Joe Jonas and Jennifer Love Hewitt play love interests (I know, weird combo, right?) in the TVLand hit “Hot In Cleveland”.

Here’s the scenario for all you Hot In Cleveland fans:

Victoria’s (Wendie Malick) daughter Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is back for a visit with some very surprising news – she’s engaged to Melanie’s (Valerie Bertinelli) son Will (Joe Jonas)! Joy (Jane Leeves) is dating a blind man who thinks she’s 26 and Elka (Betty White) is prank-calling a certain Yankee third baseman.

Check out a preview clip from tonight’s brand new episode!

REPORT: Demi Moore in rehab for anorexia, substance abuse issues

Yesterday we let you all know that Demi Moore was hospitalized then admitted to rehab for substance abuse issues. Now we have a bit more information regarding what prompted the hospital visit and what she is being treated for in rehab.

Radaronline.com is reporting that:

Demi Moore had a seizure Monday night before she was rushed to the hospital and is being treated for anorexia, among other substance abuse issues.

The 49-year-old Ghost star has become frighteningly thin since her split with husband Ashton Kutcher, and a source close to the actress described what happened to her.

“She collapsed after having an epileptic seizure,” the source said about the frightening medical emergency.

Her dramatic weight loss has caused much speculation about her health and the source confirmed that this is one of the issues she is seeking treatment for.

“Demi is in getting treated for anorexia, as well as other issues that caused her seizure,” the source said. “She has not taken care of her health at all lately and has lost a ton of weight.”

Thank you Captain Obvious. With a stick figure like that, we all knew damn well that that wasn’t a healthy diet and regular exercise. As for what sort of substance Demi has been medicating with, we aren’t certain but with a body like that I would guess that cocaine would be Demi’s drug of choice.

Even though Demi has not yet filed divorce papers, I have a hard time believing that Ashton is going to come crawling back to Demi after this hot mess.

I just hope that she gets the help she needs. She’s a pretty woman with midlife crisis issues who needs to worry about herself rather than impressing and reeling in the cubs. And for cripes sake, eat!

Image via Getty Images

The Jason Wu for Target Commercial is Here!

Designer Jason Wu has been a red carpet staple for years. (He’s responsible for Michelle Williams‘ fab Golden Globe dress.) This fashionista squealed with glee when it was announced months ago that he would be following in the footsteps of designers such as Missoni and Thakoon and designing an exclusive line for Target. The commercial for Jason Wu’s Target collaboration (hitting stores February 5!) is out, and while you don’t have to be a cat person to enjoy it, it probably helps.

The 30-second spot sees the designer sketching in his studio, then leaving the room. In his absence, an illustration of his latest muse, the red bow-adorned Milu the Cat, comes to life and gets to work, finishing off a yellow knit top, running a red pleated blouse through the sewing machine, and sashaying past floral-print handbags and striped sundresses.

Now there’s a Stupid Pet Trick we’d like to learn!

The quirky commercial ends with Wu returning to find his work completed while Milu—who also stars in the collection’s print campaign—is transformed into a graphic tee alongside the tagline “Mischief is in the details.”

Look for the chic feline to resurface in the collection’s cat prints … coming soon to a shopping cart near you!