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More than just celebrity gossip

Akon can’t keep his name out of the headlines with his legal issues

Akon is fighting back at a construction company boss who is suing his ass over an unpaid bill. The R&B star is filing a counter suit against Southern Electric manager Jay Poorak, claiming that he was overcharged for a crappy job.

According to TMZ, Poorak charged $150,000 for renovations on Akon’s Georgia mansion that the singer is saying was work done without his permission and without a price agreement. The job was only estimated to be worth $33,660 and Poorak thought he could dig a bit deeper in Akon’s pockets.

Akon said he sure as hell is NOT going to be paying the tab and wants to regain some of the money that he has already handed over and for damages amid allegations Poorak slandered him.

Good gawd. It’s been a rough few weeks for Akon. Just last week the guy was sued by his own got damn lawyers for unpaid legal fees!

What the eff? Either Akon is too damn busy creating new music in the studio, he hired some dumbass for an accountant/handler or he just doesn’t give a crap.

Anyone want a Channing Tatum body shot?

Tatum will open Saints and Sinners on Bourbon Street.

Channing Tatum is opening a bar in New Orleans, Louisiana. Now before you ladies start freaking the eff out, I must tell you. It isn’t going to be a male strip club where Channing stops in periodically to take off his shirt for dolla dolla bills. Although, we certainly wouldn’t complain if he did.

In the next few months, Tatum is set to launch Saints and Sinners on Bourbon Street.

About his upcoming plans the sexy bitch said, “I don’t think I’d ever open a bar anywhere else really, because I don’t want to try to get people there. But people come to New Orleans with a little bit of money in their pocket and they have one thing they want to do with it – and that’s spend it and party with it and go crazy. And I want to help facilitate that.”

So why Nah’lins? Apparently he became obsessed with it since shooting 21 Jump STreet scenes with co-star Jonah Hill.

He adds, “I think Jonah wrapped it up perfectly: He said it’s like the bad-kid island in Pinocchio. The Bourbon Street area, Frenchmen, everything. It’s just such a vibrant place. I love it down there.”

And I am sure they love you, Channing.

Britney’s Former Manager Sam Lutfi is now on Courtney Love’s Payroll

If you thought Britney Spears’ creepy crawly ex manager slithery snake Sam Lutfi fell off the face of the planet, you are mistaken. Radaronline.com is reporting that the guy is now back prominently in the entertainment industry with a spot on Courtney Love’s payroll.

Sam had a long list of restraining orders against him over the years which were more publicly known due to his association with Britney.

A source told Radar that, “Everything Courtney is now doing business related in her life MUST go through Sam. Courtney is completely dependent on him for everything, just as Britney (Spears) was during the time he was in her life. Sam is able to charm his way into emotionally vulnerable celebrities’ lives. He can be absolutely charming but, he has a much darker side, and it’s very concerning that he is now essentially running Courtney’s life.”

So why the eff was Mr. Lutfi hired if peeps know the guy’s leeching past? Perhaps he has changed (hey, i can happen) as people sometimes can (for the better), but good grief. If I was one of Love’s handlers, I’d be very leary of this one.

Image via Getty Images

Khloe Kardashian: Kanye West and Kim “tried to date”

This just in. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tried to date. This, according to big mouth sister Khloe (whom I love, by the way simply because I don’t think she is full-blood Kardashian). So the question is, did they date, are they dating or did they just booty bump?

We heard all about their secret rendezvous from West’s ex Amber Rose and it appears as if that talk was all true. Kim probably DID come between Rose and West. It was a battle of the booties and Kim’s just happened to win out. Boo.

Now Khloe INSISTS that Kim is not romantically involved with ‘Ye, but they were ALMOST a couple at one point. You either are or you are not. So what does “almost” mean?

During an appearance on DJ Sway’s Shade 45 radio show last week Khloe said, “They were talking and trying to go on a date here and there, but it just didn’t work out. I know they hung out, but I know it’s never gotten to there (turned romantic)… I genuinely think that because we have so much in common – like our families, losing parents and we do have a lot of connections – I think that if they were to go there, it would be a long relationship.”

I think it would either really, really last or really, really NOT work. They can cuddle and compliment each other on the daily. I just hope they don’t produce offspring. With two egos as big as Kim and Kanye’s their spawn would be popping out the womb wearing Louis Vuitton shoes, rocking the biggest bubble butt you’ve ever seen, holding a microphone interrupting peeps every five minutes.

It wouldn’t be good. That’s just say that much.

Jessica Simpson Eats Onion Rings, Wears High Heels On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Jessica Simpson stops by the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

A very pregnant, ready to pop Jessica Simpson stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her due date, naming her baby and she even nibbles on some onion rings provided by Ellen.

Highlights and video below.


Ellen: When are you due?

Jessica: I have some weeks.

Ellen: No you don’t.

Jessica: I really do. It’s not like tomorrow.

Ellen: It looks like it’s tomorrow.

Jessica: I had contractions last night and I freaked out a little bit. You know those Braxton Hicks things…

Ellen: What is that?

Jessica: It’s like these contractions that pregnant woman have towards the end. It prepares your body for delivery. I’m prepared. It’s scary. It’s like oh god, this can happen right now.

Ellen: It just gives you a little taste of how much it could hurt.

Jessica: It will. It will hurt very badly.


Ellen: Have you picked out the baby’s name yet?

Jessica: I have but we’re not really saying it until the baby is here.

Ellen: Of course, I know people say they have but you can’t really know until you meet the baby.

Jessica: We’ve been calling her by her name.

Ellen: Oh, you have.

Jessica: She reacts to it. I could be one of those psycho mom’s that just thinks one little kick… is her really listing to me. She’s really like, shut up.

Ellen: Or they kick once in a while too. You know celebrities have a lot of interesting names and we have the machine that actually helps names babies.

Check out the video below where Ellen brings out her Celebrity Baby Name Generator.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Birthday Bitches

Common is 40.

Jan Howard is 82.

Mike Stoller is 79.

Neil Sedaka is 73.

William H. Macy is 62.

Deborah Raffin is 59.

Robin Duke is 58.

Glenne Headly is 57.

Dana Delaney is 56.

Adam Clayton of U2 is 52.

Terence Blanchard is 50.

Matt McDonough of Mudvayne is 43.

Annabeth Gish is 41.

Tracy Wells is 51.

Khujo of Goodie Mob is 40.

Glenn Lewis is 37.

Danny Masterson is 36.

Marie Osmond Pees On Stage…Where’s her Depends?

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J.Lo covers Vogue in red. Cotten Kandi

Bobbi Kristina Brown Doesn’t Want to Be Bobbi or A Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown is sick of being associated with the Brown name…as in her father Bobby. Years of drama and living in a destructive household back in the day with her quarreling and drugged up parents didn’t help matters. But Bobbi Kris is blaming her hot mess dad and his drama on ruining the family name and so, she wants to separate herself from it! I don’t blame her, but why now?

TMZ is reporting that Bobbi Kris has been wanting to change her name for years but her mama wouldn’t let her. Now that her mama is gone, she wants to go ahead and make the change to Kristina Houston. Girlfriend still can’t let go of that rebellious streak can she? Mama’s gone, she gonna do what she wants, y’all.

Apparently Bobbi Kris made this decision with a sober mind. See now, that is important because gawd knows we wouldn’t want her to make rash decisions without thinking them through while under the influence, stoned out of her mind or hopped up on Red Bull because Bobbi Kris surely wouldn’t do that.

At any rate it’s going to be damn hard for any of us to call her Kristina. She’s always been known to us as little Bobbi Kris.

FABULOUS FASHION FIND: Ohiya Character Tees and merchandise

Ohiya is such an effing cute concept. The line of character-driven merchandise includes t-shirts, toys, plushies, purses and keychains. Hastings officially debuted the line last month in 54 of its retail locations throughout the United States and also in its highly trafficked online storefront www.GoHastings.com.

The nice things about these t-shirts is that they ARE affordable. You have 20 bucks, you can get yourself one.


Poised to take the young adult and junior apparel – and pop culture scene at large – by storm, the Ohiya cast of imaginative characters (www.ohiyafriends.com) is the brainchild of Columbus, Ohio-based illustrator Jason Tharp. A self-proclaimed “obsessive dreamer,” Tharp’s mission for Ohiya is to encourage us to go beyond our personal boundaries and to simply say, “Hi” to one another. “A chance encounter can suddenly turn into something meaningful, all with the help of this simple two letter word,” Tharp proclaims. “This brand is all about the art of making friends.” And so the “o-HI-ya” identity was born.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with Ripple Junction to officially launch Ohiya merchandise into the marketplace and into the national consciousness at large,” said Rebecca Webb, Director of Trends for Hastings. “The whimsical imagery, social vision and quality of this brand fits perfectly with our entertainment and pop culture oriented offerings and will greatly appeal to our customer base.”

For more about Ohiya, check out the site HERE.

Kellie Pickler probably had sex in Iraq

Kellie Pickler’s Parade magazine interview: 100 Proof and USO entertainer

Parade.com has a new interview with country superstar Kellie Pickler where the 25-year-old singer chats about her new album, 100 Proof, her experiences as a USO entertainer, her first year of marriage, and more. And while I am not much of a Kellie Pickler fan, I do give her props for being able to succeed longer than a few years after an appearance on American Idol.

Check out some highlights below:


“I’m so excited for everyone to hear it. I have never been so infatuated with making a record like I have been with this one. It’s pretty country. I love Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton, they are big reasons why I fell in love with country music, so I kind of pay tribute to them a little.”


“Out of everything that I’ve ever been able to be a part of, the USO is the one that I’m most proud of and honored to be able to work with. What they’re doing for our military is so great. I’ve loved taking a little piece of home to our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.”


“We eloped on New Year’s Day of last year and we got to spend a couple nights in the Caribbean and then we hopped on a plane to Iraq. That was part of our honeymoon. It was so romantic! No, it was just that I had already committed to going over there and I wasn’t going to cancel because that wouldn’t have been right. But Kyle loved it. It was such a great experience for him to be a part of. It’s not every day that you get to be a part of something so big and so special.”

For more of the interview visit Parade.com here.

Bobbi Kristina tells Oprah her mom’s spirit told her to “come home”

Bobbi Kristina had that Oprah interview last week and we all finally got to see it on Oprah’s OWN network on Sunday evening. And even though her mother Whitney Houston is no longer on Earth in the flesh, Bobbi Kris is certain that her mother’s spirit passes through her on a daily basis.

BK told Big O, “She always says, at five o’clock in the morning, the saints wake up and they start praying. Every morning since then, I’ve woken up at five out of nowhere. I wake up and I start praying.”

And Bobbi told Oprah that the first night at her mother’s home was tough until her mother told her to “come home”. “When I came back home I felt humbled,” Bobbi Kristina said.

Not only that but “I can still sit there and I can laugh with her. I can still sit there and I can still talk to her.”

While that may be kind of strange sounding to peeps who haven’t lost a loved one before, Bobbi Kris isn’t nuts in the head.

So why did she decide to take part in Oprah’s interview? She desperately wanted everyone to know that her mother was an amazing spirit. She told Big O, “She wasn’t only a mother, she was a best friend. She was a sister, a comforter.”

Check out the interview with Bobbi Kris below.

Image via Getty Images

Dick Van Dyke Is Married

Dick Van Dyke marries longtime girlfriend Arlene Silver.

Somewhere up in heaven in inappropriate white lingerie, Anna Nicole Smith is looking down and smiling approvingly from ear to ear.

In a stunning move that will have true gold-diggers questioning their commitment to the game, actor Dick Van Dyke (coincidentally, the perfect porn star name) married his girlfriend of the past six years, Arlene Silver. As a makeup artist, perhaps she is able to apply enough MAC on the both of them that they can meet halfway with each of them looking as if they are in their 60s?

Because Dick Van Dyke is old, people. Not Janice Dickinson old, not John McCain old, not even Clint Eastwood old. Dick Van Dyke has all of them beat. At 86, I’m wondering why he didn’t marry her sooner? It’s not like time is on his side! There are not even enough months in the year to term this romance, because “May-December” does not do this 46 year age gap justice. Looks like Arlene has been at play in the fields of the octogenarians!
If Dick is working, perhaps there’s a baby Dyke in their future!

Shocking Courtney Love Tell-All

And I say shocking only because there may be one person on God’s green earth that is not aware that Courtney Love is a crackhead of epic proportions.

The title Get Me a Xanax (only because Get Me a Crackpipe has been optioned for a Whitney Houston biography) claims to be a tell-all that chronicles the Queen of Crack Rock’s battles with drugs, her messed up love life, and maybe a bit about her music. You know, what made her famous before the drugs did. Love’s ex-assistant, Jessica Labrie, is hoping to release the book later this year.

How is this a tell-all? We all know about Courtney’s crazy expedition down the road to Crackieville and Xanax Bouelvard! We already know Courtney will inhale any white substance left on a table. We already know Courtney has more pharmacists on call than your local Wal-Green’s.

This, despite Miss Love claiming to be “clean and sober” for years. She also claims to only take Xanax. For someone like Love, who sweats Adderall, this IS clean and sober!

Birthday Bitches

Liza Minnelli is 66.

Barbara Feldon is 79.

Al Jarreau is 72.

James Taylor is 64.

Bill Payne of Little Feat is 63.

Jon Provost is 62.

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden is 56.

Marlon Jackson of The Jacksons is 55.

Jerry Levine is 55.

Courtney B. Vance is 52.

Titus Welliver is 51.

Julia Campbell is 49.

Graham Coxon of Blur is 43.

Samm Levine is 30.

Kendall Applegate is 13.

Image via Getty Images

Birthday Bitches

Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte are 33.

Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge is 65.

Bobby McFerrin is 62.

Susan Richardson is 60.

Jimmy Iovine is 59.

Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers is 57.

Nina Hagen is 57.

Cheryl Lynn is 55.

Jeffrey Nordling is 50.

Alex Kingston is 49.

Wallace Langham is 47.

Lisa Loeb is 44.

Pete Droge is 43.

Terrence Howard is 43.

Rami Jaffee is 43.

Johnny Knoxville is 41.

David Anders is 31.

LeToya Luckett is 31.

Thora Birch is 30.

Image via Getty Images