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More than just celebrity gossip

Birthday Bitches

Dane Cook is 40.

John Kander is 85.

Charley Pride is 74.

Kevin Dobson is 69.

Brad Dourif is 62.

Irene Cara is 53.

Vanessa Williams is 49.

Scott Saunders of Sons of the Desert is 48.

Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains is 46.

Miki Berenyi is 45.

Queen Latifah is 42.

Evan and Jaron Lowenstein of Evan and Jaron are 38.

Devin Lima (LFO) is 35.

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is 33.

Daren Taylor of Airborne Toxic Event is 32.

Image via HBO

JoJo Releases “Disaster” Remixes EP featuring DJ Kue

JoJo releases “Disaster” Remixes

Ok JoJo fanatics, I have some new music to tide you over until Jumping Trains’ release.

To follow up the recent unveiling of her new video for DJ Kue’s remix of “Disaster,” JoJo has announced the release of a brand new Disaster Remixes EP. Other DJs featured on the EP include Sidney Samson (who’s also worked with Katy Perry, Rihanna, and David Guetta), Baggi Begovic, Ming + 2 Beeps, and Andy N Jorj. The remixes are available now on iTunes.

“Disaster” is the lead single from JoJo’s upcoming studio album, Jumping Trains, which is due later this year. The pop songstress also recently released the song “Sexy To Me,” which was featured in her commercial for Clearasil’s PerfectaWash.

Come on girl, we are ready for that new album! Bring it!

To get more news about one of our favorite female artists check out:


VIP EXCLUSIVE: Mario Lopez Is Part of Prize For GSN’s Dance Of a Lifetime Contest

Mario Lopez has signed up to be part of the “prize” for the “Dance of a Lifetime” contest hosted by GSN in celebration of their recent launch of Dancing with the Stars Season 12.

Celebrity VIP Lounge recently had the chance to ask Lopez about his involvement with this contest and why he decided to be a part of the winner’s prize.

Lopez told Celebrityviplounge.com, “I’ve been a fan of GSN for a while and had a great experience on Dancing with the Stars. I love dancing, and it’s my mom’s favorite show. So anytime I can keep dancing and keep doing stuff for her to keep her happy, I like to it. And I get to dance and promote a positive message at the same time, so why not? Win-win.”

And with that, YOU could have the chance to shake your groove thing alongside Mario and a professional ballroom dance instructor AND win yourself a trip for two to Hollywood.

Not only that but the Grand Prize winner will also receive a full DWTS-style makeover before the dance lesson, including wardrobe, hair and make-up. Wardrobe will be provided by Emmy Award-winning costume designer, Randall Christensen.

Here’s how DANCING WITH THE STARS fans can enter GSN’s “Dance of a Lifetime” Contest:

March 17-31 – Video Submission Period:
Fans submit their dance videos via the official “Dance of a Lifetime” Contest website at GSNtv.com/DANCESTAR. Videos should showcase fans’ best dance moves.

April 1-10 – Fan Voting Period:
The submitted videos will be posted on GSNtv.com/DANCESTAR. Contest entrants can rally their friends and family to vote online for their submission.

April 11-13 – Finalists Chosen:
The top five “Dance of a Lifetime” contest finalists will be highlighted on GSNtv.com/DANCESTAR.

Saturday, April 14 – Winner Announced on GSN’s DWTS Season 12 Finale:
The “Dance of a Lifetime” Contest Grand Prize Winner will be announced on GSN during the network’s Season 12 finale of DANCING WITH THE STARS, which premieres at 6:00 pm ET.

Sounds like some crazy fun and a great opportunity for fans of both DWTS AND Mr. Mario Lopez. I wouldn’t mind shaking my groove thing alongside Mario!

SNEAK PEEK: Ice Loves Coco “Separation Anxiety” Episode

Ice Loves Coco: Ice gets separation anxiety when forced to be apart from his wife Coco.

Many celebrity couples spend tons of time apart, often times causing marital trouble. But Ice and Coco are not your average celebrity couple. They have been married for over a decade and have never spent more than 1 day apart… until now!

In the new episode of Ice Love Coco, we get to see how Ice copes in this clip. The couple must be apart for more than 24 hours for the first in their relationship when Ice has a rap show in Atlantic City & Coco helps Kristy put on a fashion show in Arizona.

Gotta love these two!

The Separation Anxiety episode airs on Sunday at 10/9c only on E!

Check out the clips below.

Meet The Man That Sold Whitney Houston’s Death Photo: Raffles Van Exel

Raffles Van Exel. It even sounds like a doucher name! Meet the man who sold Whitney Houston’s death photo. We knew eventually we’d find out who the low life was that decided to snap a pic of Whitney lying in her casket. And yes, it was somebody who was close to Whit. Unfortunately the doucher wanted to earn a bit of extra cash on the side even though he probably already has a bank full of dough.

Here’s what we found via Forbes:

In her interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night, Whitney Houston‘s sister in law Pat said she didn’t care who took the picture of her best friend lying in an open coffin and sold it to the National Enquirer. But the photo has upset a lot of people. Who took it? Who sold it to the Enquirer? Forget that the Enquirer did something grievously of no taste. We know what they are. But who could have done this?

Sources at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey say they know, and they have an employee who saw the person take the picture. The person they’re pointing the finger at is Raffles van Exel, the hanger on I told you about in this column a couple of weeks ago. Van Exel, who has aliases of Raffles Benson and Raffles Dawson, was at the two private viewings of Whitney’s casket held at the Whigham Funeral Home. The first viewing was on the Friday night before the memorial service. The second one was on Sunday morning before the burial.

The people at Whigham noticed van Exel right away. Even though he’s not a member of the Houston family, he traveled with them on the private plane from Los Angeles to New Jersey. He was the only non family member who accompanied Whitney’s sister in law/manager and newly appointed executor Pat Houston in her car to Whitney’s memorial and funeral and to the viewings. According to one source, he even had his own bodyguard with him, which was more than a little unusual. A source from Whigham’s says when the picture appeared on the cover of the Enquirer, they told the Houstons of their suspicions. “They didn’t do anything ab0ut it,” says a source. “They’re protecting him. How come they haven’t gotten him out of their circle?”

The Whighams people are not happy about the Raffles connection. While conducting another funeral in another part of town, of the funeral directors says she was spat upon by a stranger. The funeral home is concerned that fans think they allowed the National Enquirer picture to be taken. They did not. “The Houston family invited everyone into that room. We had no role in that. We were told their security would handle everything. They didn’t give us responsibility for that.” About 35 people came to the first viewing. The Wighams didn’t know everyone. But they know none of their people were involved. Only one of their employees says they witnessed Raffles van Exel take the picture of Whitney in her coffin.

The burial, by the way, did not include $500,000 worth of jewelry. “It was costume jewelry,” says the funeral director. “Please…”

Calls and emails to van Exel have gone unreturned. His voice mail box is full. He answered one of my emails, asking what I wanted, and then didn’t respond again. A second email was replied to, with a blank message. But it’s not the first time van Exel has gone underground.

The famous R&B singer George Benson (“Give Me the Night,” “Turn Your Love Around”) has his own story about Raffles. Around 2005, he says, his lawyer had to send van Exel a cease and desist letter warning him not use the name Benson or describe himself as Benson’s son. George Benson has four living sons, and three deceased. Benson says that around 2004-2005 van Exel had ingratiated himself into Benson’s mansion in Engelwood, New Jersey.

“He was there for a year on or off,” Benson told me. One day, Benson says, van Exel called him and told him to come home; he thought there’d been a robbery. When Benson returned to the house, he discovered $25,000 in cash was missing. He’d taken out of the bank to pay for home repairs. By the time he made the discovery, van Exel had vanished. “We never saw him or heard from him again,” Benson recalls. Without tangible proof, he couldn’t press charges with the local police. van Exel, as I reported in my original story, has sometimes been sued under the name Raffles Benson.

Well it sounds as if this guy is a real winner. What we also know is that this guy was very close to Michael Jackson as well. Hmmm, I wonder if he was also the one who leaked Michael Jackson’s death photo to the National Enquirer?

Manager Benny Medina talks Jennifer Lopez’s Obsessive Relationship

Jennifer Lopez’s manager Benny Medina is now speaking out on her relationship with Casper Smart as well, calling Jen one who allows “obsessive guys” to pursue her. Apparently the guys that obsess over her are the ones that win Jen’s heart (and bankroll allowance of $10k a week).

According to the Daily Mail, Medina said, “She’s not oblivious to her own reality right now, as in, ‘Damn, I’m 42 with a 24-year-old. Why?’ We talked about it yesterday. She was just like, ‘It’s not even the age, Benny. It’s that I just came out of a relationship where I felt like I was kind of not getting what I needed. And I’m open! So somebody who steps in right now and is actually touching me in a way.’ It’s very fertile ground.”

And he thinks that her relentless desire of being in a relationship is ridiculous.

“The thing that I always sort of wished is that she would give herself time to just naturally meet someone, instead of having obsessive guys pursue her. The ease with which that obsession becomes a relationship I think sometimes works against her ability to have a real meaningful relationship. And she never half does anything. When she commits to anything in her work, her life, or her relationships, she is in it.”

I wonder if Big Ben told her that face to face. Probably not as she probably would have fired his ass by now.

The truth does hurt!

Birthday Bitches

Rob Lowe is 48.

Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship is 71.

Jim Weatherly is 69.

John Sebastian of the Lovin’ Spoonful is 68.

Harold Brown of War is 66.

Patrick Duffy is 63.

Kurt Russell is 61.

Susie Allanson is 60.

Lesley-Anne Down is 58.

Paul Overstreet is 57.

Gary Sinise is 57.

Christian Clemenson is 54.

Vicki Lewis is 52.

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins is 45.

Van Conner of Screaming Trees is 45.

Mathew St. Patrick is 44.

Yanic Truesdale is 43.

Melissa Auf der Maur is 40.

Caroline Corr of The Corrs is 39.

Marisa Coughlan is 38.

Swifty of D12 is 37.

Brittany Daniel is 36.

Image via Getty Images

Josh Hutcherson has great chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson recently chatted it up with Parade magazine about how he landed the role of Peeta, working with Jennifer Lawrence, and being on the brink of superstardom. Check out the highlights below.


“I auditioned for the first time with director Gary Ross, and Suzanne Collins. I just read a few scenes. A couple of weeks later, they called me back in; I had a chemistry read with Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), which was great. And then there was a painful two weeks of waiting to hear if I got the part or not. When I finally got the call, I was literally rendered speechless.”


“Gary Ross and I wanted to make sure that we did not let Peeta become too sappy, just because he’s admitting his love to Katniss. He takes a lot of strength from Katniss. And Katniss learns how to open up emotionally from Peeta.”


“It’s a mixed feeling. It’s something that every actor sort of dreams about, because, if you get to that point, that means you’re successful and you get to keep on doing what you do. But, at the same time, you do lose anonymity, and you start to kind of become more of this idea to people instead of a real person, which is challenging. But I’m excited about it. It’s a new adventure and I’m excited to see where it takes me.”

Check out the entire interview of Josh Hutcherson and Parade.com here.

Image via Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence is scared of fame

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is working on her media rounds and we just got a hold of her Parade magazine interview. In this weekend’s issue, Lawrence chats about prepping for the part of Katniss, how the Kardashians are like The Hunger Games and more.

Check out the highlights below:


“I was watching the Kardashian girl getting divorced, and that’s a tragedy for anyone. But they’re using it for entertainment, and we’re watching it. The books hold up a terrible kind of mirror: This is what our society could be like if we became desensitized to trauma and to each other’s pain.”


“I’ve never played a part this famous. It’s insane to get recognized from a movie that hasn’t been released yet. That’s just bizarre. And scary.”


“There was running training, stunt training, combat training, archery. It was all really fun but filming in North Carolina in 100-degree heat and 100-percent humidity in cargo pants and leather boots and a jacket was tricky. The whole crew bonded over the heat and the bugs. And I conquered my fear of spiders.”


“I had to do a scene running across a field, grabbing a backpack. There was no shade. It was just in this field of really tall grass and I had to sprint, and sprint, and sprint as fast as I could, five or six times. And then I had to get in this huge fight. I felt like I was in a car accident the next day.”

Check out the full interview with Jennifer Lawrence via our friends at Parade.com here.

George Clooney Arrested!

Congratulations George Clooney! He was arrested! Now before you start freaking out thinking that maybe Clooney got all gooney on us, he got arrested for a good reason and because he wanted to. Granted, getting arrested isn’t anything to brag about (unless you are DMX and that’s all you know) but when it’s as a result of a cause close to your heart, then hey. Georgie was arrested outside the Sundanese embassy in Washington WHILE protesting alongside his father journalist Nick Clooney.

He apparently had announced his protest in advance and his goal was pretty much to get cuffed.

The Guardian reports,

Joined by his father, journalist Nick Clooney, US Representative Jim Moran of Virginia and NAACP president Ben Jealous, Clooney blocked the entrance to the Sudanese embassy. Clooney and the others were given three orders to disperse by the police and refused to do so.

With his hands cuffed behind his back in white zip-ties, Clooney addressed the plight of “innocent children” in Sudan, telling the media scrum: “Stop raping them and stop starving them, that’s all that we ask.” As he was led into a police van an onlooker shouted, “Thank you, George!”

That sounds like a scene straight out of a movie!

George has long been an advocate on behalf of the Sudanese, calling on the United States to put some pressure on the Chinese to open up their southern region for relief efforts.

He has since bailed himself out of the clinker.

Image via Getty Images

HBO’s Luck Cancelled Due to Controversy

After the recent controversy surrounding a death of one of the horses being used for the television show Luck, executive producers David Milch and Michael Mann will be canceling the series starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte. The statement released regarding the cancellation says that safety is their primary concern and that despite their “safety standards” that “accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won’t in the future.” As a result, they “reached this difficult decision.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was glad about the shows cancellation, especially knowing that “old, unfit, and drugged horses were forced to race for the series.” So far three horses have died on the set, yet the network denies allegations that the fatalities were the result of the show.

Despite the announcement and the tragic deaths of the animals, one can only wonder if HBO might have worked harder to keep the show if the ratings had been better, as the show has barely reached about 500,000 since the start of the season. As one reporter puts it, “HBO ‘Luck’ was canceled for the same reason real horse racing is fading away: nobody watches, and the modern American public won’t stand for the death of animals in a spectacle.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Lady Gaga Is Done With The Media

Lady Gaga may have done an Oprah interview as of late, but that is all the media attention she wants at this point. In other words, the woman who pretty much uses the media as her bitch is shutting the media out!

In her upcoming interview with the Big O Goo Goo said, “Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time. No press, no television, if my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about…’ I shut it all off.”

So what is this trying to prove? Is she really going to climb back into that slimy creepy egg she used on the red carpet to promote her Born This Way single?

All I have to say is good. Perhaps we won’t have to see anymore of those idiotic ensembles for a hot minute including the prosthetic penis. I just find this rather interesting considering how much attention she relies on to keep her star alive.

How far will Gaga go to keep the media at bay? We shall see.

The Oprah interview that took place in Gaga’s childhood home in New York City also included her mother Cynthia Germanotta. My favorite part of the interview comes where her mother states that she is a bit concerned for her daughter’s mental health. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Mama Gaga told O, “When Gaga started emerging, when she was performing I think it was at Joe’s Pub downtown. And she was in her bikini performing ‘Lady Starlight’ and decided that night to … actually light hairspray on fire. And some people left when that happened… a lot of people stayed and thought it was cool. But her father and I were like, honestly, he said, ‘I think she has a screw loose.’”

Check out the clip from the interview below.

Katy Perry and Rihanna Duet will happen!

Believe it or not, a Katy Perry and Rihanna duet is going to happen and according to Ri, we’ll get to hear a song release in the very near future.

Apparently Ri and Katy have been working on something for years but haven’t had a chance to actually make it happen.

Ri told Access Hollywood, “We are still trying to make a song together, Katy Perry and I. She is one of my favorite musicians as well as one of my favorite people in the industry. She’s very uncalculated, very sure of herself, and that’s something that’s very rare in this industry to find. We connected really quickly.”

As for when we can expect to hear a track from the duo? Ri added, “The song will probably come out in a while. I can’t say it’s happening right now, but it’s going to happen.”

I’m going to be honest here. I’m not so sure how they are going to make a song work for both of their voices. I can only imagine a whole lot of “eh’s” and clashing cackling. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Rihanna and Katy individually but I don’t see a collaboration being very beneficial or . Let’s see if they can prove me wrong. Not that they care what I think anyways.

Image via Getty Images

Nicki Minaj Squeezes Into Small Pink Bikini (PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj in a ten times too small bikini? We’ve got some photos here that you are either going to be drooling over or gagging over. Many peeps are bitching and complaining about the modern day habit of Photoshopping magazine covers. Well, here ya go. Miss Minaj was on location in Hawaii this week to film the video for her new single “Starships” looking au naturale. And we were lucky enough to get our hands on some very revealing shots of Miss Pink Friday sporting a pink bikini and neon green hair. Can I just say, got damn? I’m not sure if I’m more shocked that Minaj has hips that don’t lie or green hair that makes her look like a Barbie Swamp Monster.

Of her upcoming album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded set for an April 3rd release, Minaj said, “April 3 is gonna be a doozy. It’s gonna be crazy,” Nicki said of her album release date. It’s gonna be important for just hip-hop culture and pop culture. It’s gonna be very big.”

Birthday Bitches

Rapper Flavor Flav of Public Enemy is 53.

Jerry Lewis is 86.

Bernardo Bertolucci is 71.

Chuck Woolery is 71.

Jerry Jeff Walker is 70.

Victor Garber is 63.

Erik Estrada is 63.

Kate Nelligan is 61.

Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel is 61.

Nancy Wilson of Heart is 58.

Isabelle Huppert is 57.

Clifton Powell is 56.

Patty Griffin is 48.

Tracy Bonham is 45.

Lauren Graham is 45.

Judah Friedlander is 43.

Blu Cantrell is 36.