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More than just celebrity gossip

Miley’s Advice to Justin Bieber?


Unlike Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus has no mugshot to call her own. And for good, reason- at least according to Miley. In fact, she has a few tips for Bieber. So what is Miley’s advice to Justin?

While on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, Miley reminds Justin that he has a lot of money, and to “pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble and party at your house. Buy a house, and add a club to it.”

Going on, Miley says there’s a big difference between the two:It’s funny because today, I was looking at — my fans put all these people’s mugshots up, and they were like, ‘I don’t see a Miley mugshot yet!’ I get the most flak of anybody. I’m not doing anything illegal! I’m doing a lot of s–t . . . Oops, sorry!But I’m not doing anything illegal! So that’s all right. Everything I do is legal in California.”

See, Justin- it’s as simple as that. Also, don’t (allegedly) egg your neighbor’s house. Of course, that’s where the paid people come in to make sure you don’t leave your house. If you can’t leave your house, you can’t egg anyone else’s. It’s genius really.

At this point I’d advise Justin not to drive and to opt for a driver to avoid any DUI or drag racing incidents, but given the charges that he attacked a limo driver in Toronto, I’m at a loss for that one. So, I’m with Miley: Just stay home. And don’t do anything that gets the cops called so no one sees your cannabis canisters. Or maybe just move to Colorado (or Washington) and have cannabis canisters galore. You have lots of money, the choice is yours Bieber!

Rapper Eve’s $327K Tax Debt

Eve is a Grammy Award-winning rapper and, apparently also behind on income tax payments to the IRS totaling more than $327K in tax debt. Ouch!

According to RadarOnline, recently filed documents show two separate liens against her in NY state. Eve, whose legal name is Eve Jeffers, had the first lien filed against her last summer for three years of unpaid taxes (2007: $12,971.08. 2010: $181,875.53. 2011: $30,141.34)- all in all totaling $224,987.95.

Due to the past due sums being so large, the feds audited Eve in 2012 and hit her with another lien this past November- charging that the rapper hadn’t paid $102,084.30 in taxes owed in 2012. If you add it all up, Eve is looking at more than $327.

Eve is engaged to Maximillion Cooper as of Christmas Day after a trip to Scotland. Together, they have an estimated total net worth around $50 million. So, paying the total amount shouldn’t be too hard, but not exactly the best start to the New Year or a potential marriage.

Of course, falling behind on taxes isn’t exactly out of the norm in celebrity-land. Eve joins the ranks of Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage, Ric Flair and Lauryn Hill- so she’s in good company. But seriously, hire an accountant people. The taxman is going to come eventually, try to avoid the headache- especially if you have the means to do so.

Lindsay Lohan’s Missing Fur Coat Worth $75k: Karma?


After visiting a night club in NYC, Lindsay Lohan has a missing fur coat- a $75k fur coat at that. Or, rather she’s missing half of her fur coat. (pictured above: Photo Credit: MARK ROBERT MILAN/FILMMAGIC)

TMZ reports that Lindsay was at 1Oak on Wednesday and went in with a ridiculously priced 2-piece fur coat.When she left, she didn’t realize that she only had one of those two pieces- at least until she got to her car. She went back inside to get the other half only to find it wasn’t there.

She then began calling everyone that was at her table, but no one had seen it either.- with the exception of one Seattle Seahawks player that was at her table, or so says sources close to Lindsay.

Putting aside the fact that she has a 2 piece fur coat worth $75k that she hasn’t pawned- Me thinks maybe it’s a bit of karma. Do you remember way back in 2008 when Lindsay Lohan walked out of a club with someone else’s mink coat (valued at $12,000)? This was that same club. I know, it’s a little hard to keep up with all the times Lindsay has been accused of theft, but the owner of the $12k coat ended up suing Lindsay and the whole “stealing” accusations kind of became a thing for a while. (She didn’t steal it, of course, she just “borrowed” it. For two weeks. Just for safekeeping, I’m sure. duh!)

Now, the tables are turned and poor Lindsay may have been victimized. Sad face.

I would say that if I had a $75k coat that I’d sure as heck keep up with it, but that would be a lie. I would protect it fiercely at first, sure, but ultimately I’d forget it somewhere and be reminded why I can’t have nice things. Or if I’m Kim Kardashian, I’ll have my older sister yelling at me about starving children just because I may have lost some expensive jewelry in the ocean. Either way, I can’t have nice things. And Karma, well she’s a bitch.

Nick Gordon Talks Bobbi Kristina Brown Marriage: Says “Mom” Whitney Would Be Proud

Tri Star Pictures Presents "Sparkle"

I still don’t “get” the Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown romance and I suppose it is none of my damn business anyways. I mean, I have never been in love with my adopted brother, so I guess I wouldn’t really “get it”. They’re married now and announced their union via Twitter. They seem happy as heck and seemed to be living under the radar for awhile and that’s great. Until now. They are NOW talking about getting hitched and how proud they both know their mother is of them.

Via our friends at Extra TV

“Extra” sat down with Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon for their first interview together since announcing their marriage on Twitter January 9th.

The couple said the criticism surrounding their romance actually made them stronger. Nick said, “It put a fire in us,” to which Bobbi Kristina added, “It lit a fire up under our ass and we went haulin’.” Nick explained, “The critics can say whatever they want to say… it’s like we have a force field and that s**t’s just bouncing off of it.”

The two explained they were best of friends when Bobbi Kristina’s mom, Whitney Houston, asked Nick to move in with them after he was going through a difficult time.

Nick said, “Me calling [Whitney] mom, this where everybody gets the…” Bobbi injected, “Brother and sister…” Nick added, “We were young. Krissy looked at me as an older brother, and I looked at her as a little sister.”

Nick continued, “She [Whitney] just treated me like she gave birth to me. She treated me like a son. Excuse me for saying this… she treated me better than my birth mother. I owe everything to her.”

Bobbi Kristina and Nick admitted their romance blossomed after Whitney Houston’s death in 2012, insisting that it was something Whitney would have wanted.

Nick replied, “She made me promise several times to look after Krissy… and, Mom, I will never ever, ever break that promise.” Bobbi smiled, “She wanted this. This is something she wanted to see.”

The two also dispelled rumors they are feuding with Bobbi Kristina’s grandma, Cissy Houston, over their marriage, saying Cissy gave them her blessing.

Bobbi Kristina stated, “She told both of us that she loved us very, very, very much, and Nick came up and he said ‘Grandma, I want to marry her. Is it okay? I need your blessing to do this, if I don’t have your blessing I won’t feel right,’ and she looked at him and she smiled. She smiled very wide and said, ‘Yes, son, you have my blessing.”

As for Bobbi’s relationship with dad Bobby Brown, she said, “We have a relationship. It’s a good one right now. At a point in time, we didn’t even have that… I love my father more than anything.”

Well, glad to hear that things are good (for the moment) with Bobbi Kris and her daddy Bobby.

What do you all think of this marriage? Do you find it kind of bizarre?

Image via Getty Images

Toxicology Reports Could Lead To Justin Bieber Deportation?


Probably not and even all of his lewd, immature and law-breaking behavior probably will NOT send the pop star back to his native Canada despite an online petition that has so far generated over 100,000 signatures requesting a deportation of the Biebs.

Now that we know what the toxicology reports are, we know, according to his urine that indeed the singer did have marijuana and prescription medication in his system during his drag racing DUI in Miami Beach.

The NY Daily News is reporting that Bieber did voluntarily give a urine sample and it came back dirty for THC (pot) and Alprazolam, also known as Xanax.

This isn’t really a big surprise considering Bieber DID admit to consuming booze, pot and prescription pills after his arrest.

And apparently there was no denying the consumption of pot, as a new police report is saying that during the arrest and sobriety screening, the pop star REEKED of marijuana while he sat in the cop car. Well there’s certainly no denying it when you smell like a gall dang burning pot plant.

According to NY Daily News, “Back at the station, Bieber “had extreme difficulty” with his Breathalyzer test and “continuously attempted to grab” the device despite specific instructions not to touch the hose, the report from Miami Beach Police said. He then failed to provide enough continuous breath for a reading and became “agitated” when asked to take the test correctly, police said. Confronted over his “attempt to deceive,” he shot back that he was “blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet,” the report said. He then provided two readings taken three minutes apart that registered 0.014 and 0.011, below the legal limit for underage drivers, the report confirmed.”

Anyone else wonder how this is all going to end?

Naya Rivera Says Fiancee Rapper Big Sean Wears Pants In Their Relationship

CFL Naya Rivera Spring 2014 Cover

Naya Rivera poses in the season’s most colorful looks on the cover of the Spring 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, on stands February 4th. The Glee star opens up to the magazine about her future with rapper Big Sean, how she’s planning for their life together, and her struggle to get ahead as a teenager.

Via our friends at Cosmo.com:

On her fiancée, rapper Sean Michael Anderson, aka “Big Sean:”
“I think he’s going to be an amazing husband, and he’ll make a great father someday. He’s so kind to people, but he also wears the pants in our relationship, which I love. We Latinas are very independent and strong, so it’s even sweeter that I’ve found somebody who can let me out of that role for a minute.”


On indulging her domestic side:
“Latinas are really great nurturers who are great to our men; we love hard and we love to cook. The other morning I woke up and was like, ‘I need china – this table needs to be set all the time!’ Focusing on those things is where I’m at right now.”

On getting ahead as a teenager when her family fell on tough times:
“I was very resourceful when it came to getting a job. I was the ultimate liar on a resume. At the tender age of 19, I said I had a bachelor’s degree; they never checked! Even when I didn’t have much, I always acted as if I had everything I wanted. Latin women are go-getters by nature. We have a certain charm and finesse that gets us what we want.”

On understanding Spanish better than she speaks it:
“It sucks because I have no one to [speak Spanish] to, but it’s something I need to learn when I have kids. They need to be fluent.”


First of all, I didn’t know these two were even dating, let alone engaged to be married. At any rate, hopefully this works out for her.

Credit: Marc Baptiste

Ashley Benson Is Okay With Not Ever Seeing Her Boyfriend Ryan Good


Ashley Benson covers the March issue of Cosmopolitan, on newsstands nationwide February 4th. Star of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, Ashley opens up to the magazine about nudity on camera, steering clear of drugs and alcohol, and even her on-again-off-again boyfriend Ryan Good.

Via our friends at Cosmopolitan:

On dealing with nudity on camera:
“I never want to do nudity that’s gratuitous. Girls look so much better in lingerie or a t-shirt and leave the rest up to the imagination. I make it clear that I have a line. Everyone tries to push you, and it’s easy to get talked into doing those things. I’ll just walk off-set. But not everyone realizes they can do that.”

On steering clear of drugs while growing up in Hollywood:
“There are drugs and alcohol in my family on both sides, so I’ve seen lives ruined, going to jail and all that. Once you start with any drug, it can be an addiction – that’s why I never want to start and am not even tempted, because that chain is relentless. And if it runs in your family, you see how unglamorous it is. I would never want to be out of control with my body.”

On her on-and-off-again boyfriend Ryan Good, Justin Bieber’s former stylist:
“Ryan is one of the strongest people I’ve met, so grounded and such a positive influence on people. We took a break because it was so hard. I work 20 hour days, so I’m always gone. So a lot of your relationship is on the phone and iChatting and trying to catch up.”

After seeing this cover though, I can guarantee you Ryan Good will be wanting to see Ashley in person.

Credit: Matthias Vriens-McGrath

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REPORT: Kanye West Pays $250K Settlement To Alleged Beating Victim

Reportedly, Kanye West has agreed to pay a settlement to the teenager he allegedly beat up in a Beverly Hills chiropractor office earlier this month–a nice sum of $250,000.

The incident went down after the teen called Kim Kardashian a “n—-r lover,” while they were both in the waiting room, and threw out some other ugly comments about her. Kanye later popped up in the waiting room, and reportedly punched the guy in the face. TMZ reported that the teen agreed to the $250K settlement, though at first trying to get paid in the upper six figures. He won’t go forward with any prosecution against Kanye.

Now I’m sure to Kanye, $250K is chump change, but any money coming out of my pocket for foolishness like this would piss me off. If this situation happened exactly how it’s being reported, I really don’t blame Kanye for going after the guy. It’s just sad that people adamantly try to get him agitated and violent for a payout, but that’s celebrity life. Here’s hoping Kanye has a cooler head in the future…but then again it’s Kanye, so that’s a HUGE hope.

Image via Rap Up

Madonna Will Perform with Miley Cyrus On MTV Unplugged

The reports are true! Madonna will be seen in a special performance with Miley Cyrus on MTV Unplugged!

The pop legend herself will join Miley on the special that airs tonight, January 29 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV, as they sing a mashup of Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me,” and Miley’s own hit “We Can’t Stop.” The entire special has a country-western theme, as Miley gets back to her Tennessee roots. And yes, Madonna laces up her cowgirl boots too!

The performance was recorded just last night, and according to E!, there was a lot of bumpin’ and grindin’ between the two stars! Miley even got a playful butt slap in! “That was pretty f–king cool, you guys,” Miley said of the performance. “It sounds super-lame, but as a pop star it’s pretty cool performing with Madonna…Today was one of those days that it was really easy to get out of bed.”

Well, I have to give it to Miley. She has certainly managed to keep people talking over the past year! And now, to have Madonna doing a performance with you?! This is one hoedown I might have to check out. I’m just curious to see how this is really going to come together!

Image via MTV

Evelyn Lozada Reveals Her Baby’s Gender!

All blue everything! Looks like reality star Evelyn Lozada will be having a boy come March!

“Surprisingly, I found out when I had my first trimester screening,” Evelyn told 37, PEOPLE.“I was about 13 weeks when they told me the sex! I was honestly praying for a boy. I have wanted to have a son for years.” She often spoke of the desire for a baby boy on her stint on VH1′s Basketball Wives.

Evelyn also revealed that she found out the sex of the baby with her daughter Shaniece, 20. “We were both so happy. There are all girls on my side, so this will be our first boy. My family is over the moon,” she said. ”Every time I go to the doctor, I have them check to make sure it’s a boy. I’m still in disbelief!” She also joked, “Shaniece is just happy that she can still be the princess of the family.”

Evelyn recently got engaged to Los Angeles Dodgers outfield Carl Crawford, the father of her unborn son, over the holidays. They plan to celebrate their little bundle of joy with a “diapers and diamonds” themed baby shower on February 8 in Los Angeles. The shower will be hosted by Shaniece and Evelyn’s Basketball Wives costar Shaunie O’Neal as well as close friends Teresa Caldwell and Danika Berry.

As far as names, that’s still up in the air. “Carl and I have a few in mind, but haven’t decided yet,” Evelyn admitted.

I’m honestly still surprised that she was able to keep this baby a secret for so long! I wish her and Carl all the best, and congratulate them. I can’t wait to see pictures!

Image via PEOPLE

Chris Brown Prepping Two New Albums for the Summer

2013 was not the greatest year for Chris Brown, especially after that arrest for alleged assault in Washington, D.C. back in October. Since then, however, he’s been flying under the radar for the most part, which is a very good thing.

Meanwhile, Team Breezy has been patiently waiting for the release of Chris’ new album, X, which he insists is on the way! In fact, he’s giving them TWO new albums, X and an LP version of last year’s mixtape Fan of a Fan, and they’re being released this summer! The singer tweeted:

In spite of everything, I consider Chris to be a great talent, so I’m actually kind of excited to see what he’s come up with!  Summer’s right around the corner! 

Image via VEVO

Macklemore KNOWS He Should Not Have Won Best Rap Album, Reaches Out To Kendrick Lamar


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home quite a few Grammys last night, including Best Rap Album for The Heist. Granted it is a good album, but best RAP ALBUM? Puhleasseeeeee! And I’m pretty sure this award shocked the world. Cripes, Macklemore being nominated in this category was enough to baffle everyone. But then to go and win…against Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake and Kendrick Lamar? Downright bizarre!

Macklemore believed that Kendrick Lamar should have taken home the accolade and he took to Instagram to share a text message (to his over two million followers) that he sent to his “friend” Kendrick Lamar.
He said, “You got robbed. I wanted you to win. It’s weird and sucks that I robbed you. I was gonna say that during the speech. Then the music started playing during my speech and I froze.”

Macklemore and Lewis won a total of four Grammy Awards on Sunday (and congrats to them), including Best Rap Album, Best New Artist and Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for Thrift Shop, while Kendrick was nominated for SEVEN Grammy Awards and received NONE. Yeah, ZERO!

What do you think? Do you think Kendrick Lamar got robbed? Come on, the guy should have gotten at least one award. Boo!


See The Scarlett Johansson Commercial That Was Banned From Television HERE! (UNCUT)

WE all know that Scarlett Johansson is sexy…let’s face it…that’s why she lands the roles that she gets. So is that why her Sodastream commercial that was supposed to air during the Super Bowl was banned and now edited for television? Was she a little too provocative for her own good? Well I can tell you this, ScarJo peeling off her robe did not turn off FOX. But rather it was the script.

At the end of the thirty second spot, Johansson mentions Coke and Pepsi in a negative way and the marketing company behind the commercial says FOX would NOT allow that, which is why they had to make a change for their “banned” commercial or it wasn’t going to air.

And so, SodaStream did comply.

Funny side note is SodaStream also was forced to change their ad last year due to the use of Coke and Pepsi logos in that particular ad. You think they knew better? I’m pretty sure.

Even though the Sorry Coke and Pepsi line had to be removed, Scarlett still keeps the commercial sexy with her purr.

“If only there was some way I could make this message go viral”, ScarJo said before she whips off a white robe that reveals a foxy navy dress.

Who knew Sodastream could be sexy?

Check out the Scarlett Johansson commercial that was banned below.

Zooey Deschanel Teams Up With Tommy Hilfiger for Retro Collection

This New Girl has a new hustle! Zooey Deschanel has officially joined forces with fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger to create a new fashion collection!

The actress has created her collection, titled, “To Tommy, From Zooey,” which is comprised of 16 retro-inspired mini dresses (Zooey’s rocking three of them above!)

Prices range from $98 to $199, and 14 of the 16 dresses will launch in Macy’s starting April 14. Later, all 16 will be available at Tommy.com starting April 21.

These dresses are too cute! The red and black dress on the right is my favorite. I’m excited to see what the other dresses look like. Congrats to Zooey on this new venture!

Image via Tommy Hilfiger