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Beyonce Loses Over $3.8 Million Via Illegally Downloaded Copies Of “Beyonce”


So you thought Beyonce was a marketing genius for her SURPRISE “Beyonce” release efforts? Well, let’s just say that it wasn’t totally glitch-free.

Billboard is reporting that Beyonce’s new self-titled album was illegally downloaded 240,000 times in the first 10 days since its release and that means a big fat loss in revenue. Girlfriend lost a reported $3.8 million because of the illegal downloads.

Even though Billboard is reporting just under a million REAL sales within the first 10 days AND a top Billboard 200 chart topping album for the past two weeks, Beyonce’s album could have had more money in her pocket.

But that’s not all the crappy news for the singer. The report also states that the former Destiny’s Child singer’s entire back catalog has been shared more than two million times using BitTorrent downloading sites. DAMN!

Throw in about 11,000 illegal downloads of her older albums and you’ve got even MORE lost money for the R&B superstar.

That’s a whole lot of money to NOT have in your pocket.

What do you think? Was Beyonce’s release of her album a smart move for her? Would she have generated that much buzz had she promoted it?

R. Kelly, Target Of A Petition Banning His Music


R. Kelly is STILL getting slack for his bad behavior how many years later. And rightfully so, says BK Nation!

BK Nation is a non-profit organization founded by activist Kevin Powell as the head of a petition to boycott Kelly and his music.

After a Village Voice article exposed very graphic details of R. Kelly’s past sexual abuse allegations, Powell decided to step up and take action against the provocative R&B singer and he’s encouraging everyone to boycott Kelly’s music.

In addition to that, Powell is especially calling on Black men to boycott Kelly.

Check out the excerpt from the BK Nation petition from Change.org below:

“We at BK NATION are calling on radio stations, video channels, music publications and websites, members of the entertainment industry, and men and women of all backgrounds to sign our petition COMPLETELY BOYCOTTING R. Kelly’s musical and artistic career until he is completely honest about who is, publicly apologizes for this behavior cited from many sources, gets extended counseling, and takes a very public stand and actions against sexual violence in any form.

“Kevin Powell, president and cofounder of BK Nation, is especially asking men, including Black men, to join us in taking a very public stand against any form of sexual violence and assault against women, girls, and children. We at BK Nation believe that silence is this matter is agreement and support. And we believe that if we give R. Kelly a pass then we are also saying anyone who commits sexual violence, famous or not, should get a pass as well.”

Want to see the full BK Nation’s petition against R. Kelly, head on over to Change.org.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you still support R. Kelly after his creepy past?

Mariah Carey: No More Kids!


Now that she has two sweet healthy little kids, will Mariah Carey have anymore? She is saying no! In an interview on Watch, What Happens Live, Carey revealed that because of her rough pregnancy with the twins she doesn’t think more kids are in the cards.

She said, “I had pre-eclampsia, I had gestational diabetes. [It was] a really difficult pregnancy and I was alone most of the time …we love Nick, but he was working! He’s the hardest working man in show business.”

But if Nick could pop them out, she would have no problem adding more to their brood.

She added, “If Nick could have the babies himself, then maybe. Then, bring ’em on. We love kids!”

Even though she is busy with her career, she admits that she puts her kids first. “I’m responsible for these children ’til forever so I look at it like, they didn’t ask for this lifestyle. Here they are, and it is so different than being able to just be like, “OK, bye, well, I’m going here now. I just did a show, I’m leaving.”‘


I think Mariah makes a wonderful mom. You can just tell that she really loves those little people. I mean, look at her in this photo with Roc and Roe! Seriously, girl is loving on those munchkins.

A horrible, uncomfortable pregnancy can definitely make someone think twice about going through it again despite the amazing outcome.

CRAZYTOWN Release LemonFace Lyric Video: Officially Back Or Totally Wack?


CrazyTown recently released their badass lyric video for their single, “LemonFace.” The song is from their upcoming album and is the first single since 2004’s Darkhorse.

Check out the single below and let me know what you think! Are they officially back or is the song totally wack? Sound off below.

New Macklemore Behind The Scenes Docu-series Video


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis bring you their 2013 Fall World Tour Documentary series presented by Buffalo David Bitton. This is episode 04 of 05. The series brings you behind the scenes and on-stage during their 90-date World Tour.

Buffalo David Bitton announced today its innovative “Blank Check Series,” a program which will support self-expression and the arts by partnering with today’s cultural innovators. The “Blank Check Series” will present exceptional visionaries, influencers, performers and artists, with funding – a blank check – to be used to create engaging multi-dimensional content. The program will be delivered in a variety of forms ranging from print, video, digital, fine art, literature, social media and more. This series will provide Buffalo David Bitton with multiple points of connection with consumers on subjects and topics that truly resonate with them.

To launch the program, Buffalo David Bitton has partnered with the groundbreaking hip-hop duo, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. As part of their “Blank Check Series,” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have chosen to work with Buffalo David Bitton to film and produce a documentary, providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their first world-wide arena tour. The documentary will take viewers on a digital journey through a new chapter in the duo’s career, providing a front row seat to their debut arena tour, with a look at the people and places encountered along the way. The first video, currently being shot on the European leg of the band’s tour, will be released October 3rd. In addition, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will support the launch of the series through social media and debut episode one on their website www.macklemore.com.

“We are thrilled to be working with Buffalo David Bitton on their creative ‘Blank Check Series.’ We immediately resonated with the idea behind the campaign. The partnership allows for us to bring the talented video crew and gear we’ve always wanted to have out on tour documenting the experience. Being our first arena tour, we are excited to bring the behind the scenes and our life on the road to our fans in a way that we’ve always hoped to,” commented Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

“The goal of the ‘Blank Check Series’ is to commission artists, in different genres, to create engaging content for our brand,” commented Dari Marder, Chief Marketing Officer, Iconix Brand Group, Inc. “Who better to launch this initiative with than Ben and Ryan who have become one of today’s most important voices in music and social commentary and collectively have made over one billion social impressions since emerging on the scene. Partnering with them on this docu-series aligns perfectly with our marketing strategy to increase our global brand awareness and furthers an organic connection with our broad male and female consumer base,” added Marder.

Check out the fun video with a special appearance with Ed Sheeran below!

Ring in the New Year with Paris Hilton – Party Playlist Exclusively on Rdio


In a departure from her billion dollar empire, Paris Hilton has been working hard to master a craft that she has a true passion and love for…music! In early 2013, she signed on with Cash Money Records, and in October released her first single, “Good Time” featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Afrojack. The full album, which will include collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida and others will be released in 2014. Since selling out a month-long residency at the popular Amnesia in Ibiza this summer, she has been in the studio collaborating with the likes of the hit-making producer, RedOne, and this is just the start of her grand plans.

Paris brings her longtime passion for music and, specifically, electronic music as she stays very involved throughout the creative process: in the studio helping to lay down beats, and offering an original set at each live appearance, delivering high energy shows with everything from deep house numbers to mixes of some of today’s hottest hits. She has been DJing around the world all fall, selling out mega clubs in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and more! Paris is an active Rdio user, and now, she has curated an exclusive playlist just for the hot streaming music service so everyone can experience her as a world-class DJ for their New Year’s Eve parties!

Ring in 2014 with Paris Hilton – Track Listing:
Good Time – Paris Hilton – Good Time
Clarity – ZEDD – Clarity
Pursuit Of Happiness (Extended Steve Aoki Remix) – Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness
GO (Peace Treaty Remix) – Diplo & Oliver Twizt – GO
Safe And Sound (Cash Cash Remix) – Capital Cities – Safe And Sound Remix EP
Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix) – M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix)
Years – Alesso – Years
If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs OneRepublic) – OneRepublic, Alesso – If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs OneRepublic)
Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker – Dada Life – Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker
Alive (Hardwell Remix) – Krewella – Alive
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson – Number Ones
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – Number Ones
Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris Remix Edit) – Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) [Cobra Starship Remix] (feat. Charli XCX) – Icona Pop – I Love It (Remixes Pt. 2)
Ode To Oi – TJR – Ode To Oi
Alive (David Guetta Remix) – Empire Of The Sun – Alive (Remixes)
Animals – Martin Garrix – Animals
Holy Grail – Jay Z – Magna Carta… Holy Grail
Rattle – Bingo Players – Rattle

Miley Cyrus Loves Herself Up In Adore You Clip


Apparently Miley Cyrus still cannot be tamed. Just when you thought swinging on a wrecking ball completely buck naked wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, Miss Miley is preparing us mentally for her upcoming video. The twerking queen recently released a teaser clip for her upcoming video Adore You.

Let me just say that she uses camera, a large bed, sheets and an “O” face.

Miley uploaded two teasers to Instagram ahead of the video release on December 26th.

The clips only last a few seconds, but you get the idea that this video will also include Miley half naked for most of it.

Check out the clip from Miley’s Adore You here.

All I have to say is this is getting to the point where I don’t know how she is going to top the next act of crazy. I’m sure this is going to be real uncomfortable for Papa Billy Ray!

CRAZY IN LOVE? Drake and Zoe Kravitz Getting Cozy At Beyonce Concert


Heck with Rihanna. Drake seems to have moved on with Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoe! Either that, they are just really good friends. Mmhmm. Last month these two were spotted out having dinner together and now, it seems as if Drake is definitely trying to impress.

Get this, Drake and Zoe were spotted front and center at Beyonce’s latest show during the Mrs. Carter World Tour. Beyonce went onto impress with her hot show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


What do you think of these two hooking up?

REPORT: Justin Bieber Retiring!


Is Justin Bieber retiring? Well that is what he told Los Angeles hip hop station Power 106 during an interview.

Apparently after his next album “Journals” is set to release on December 23rd on itunes, he says that he is leaving the business.

He said on the Big Boy’s Neighborhood show, “After the new album, uh, I’m actually, uh, I’m retiring man, I’m retiring.”

He went on to add, “I’m just gonna take some time. I think I’m probably going to quit music… No, no, I’m just quitting music. I’m quitting everything. I’m quitting. I’m gonna go golf. No, I’m just messing around.”

So was this just something the Biebs said to grab attention? Was it said in haste? Did he say it because he’s delusional? Why would you say something like that anyways?

At any rate, after this was said, he never did clarify his statement however his team says that he was “just kidding”.

Come on now bro. It’s not April 1st yet! And I can pretty much bet you that there would be many broken hearts around the world. Check out the proof below.

John Mayer Who You Love Video Featuring Katy Perry

John Mayer’s Who You Love video is here and yes, it features his woman, lady love Katy Perry. Yes, they are in love and yes, they should have included the spoon to gag yourself with while watching. We kid. I do think it is cute that these two are dating and I hope it works out for both of them.

The video was directed by Sophie Muller (Rihanna’s Stay and Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire) and she puts these two in each other’s arms crooning to each other. In addition the video also features other supposed real life couples riding a mechanical bull in the desert, because that’s what couples in love do.

Of the video, Mayer said, “We set up the casting call for real couples. There was nothing scripted in that video, except putting the bull in the middle of the desert.”

I love John Mayer and his music, but what the eff was he thinking with this song? Just throwing that out there.

Check out the John Mayer Who You Love video featuring Katy Perry above and let us know what you think. Do you think these two will last?

Alicia Keys Reveals Ideal Dinner Party Guest List


Alicia Keys appears in Marie Claire’s “20 Questions” in the January 2014 issue (on newsstands Dec. 17). The singer and philanthropist talks travel, secrets to a great song, and her secret personality trait.

Below are highlights from the interview via Marie Claire:

What brings you the greatest joy?

“My family. I lie in bed with my husband [music producer Swizz Beatz] and son, Egypt, and have little musical moments, which I love.”

Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

“Bono, Sheryl Sandberg, Michelle Obama, Tina Fey, and I wouldn’t mind Chris Rock. Definitely my husband, too.”

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

“People don’t expect me to be as funny as I am.”

What item in your closet do you wear the most?

“I have this vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket. When I put it on, it has this supercool feeling to it.”

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

“A friend once told me that all I need is three chords and the truth to make a great song.”

Katy Perry Talks New Album, Divorce From Russell Brand, Boyfriend John Mayer In New Marie Claire


Katy Perry appears on the cover of Marie Claire’s January issue (on stands December 17th). After her marriage flamed out, Perry thought her new album would be dark and brooding. Instead, she turned personal pain into professional triumph, and now prepares to tour with a message of rising from the ashes.

In her interview with Marie Claire, see discusses everything from her new album, to her dark hours following her split from Russell brand and her relationship with her parents and current boyfriend John Mayer.

On not slowing down: “I’m never going to be lazy, because there are 500 other people waiting in line for this position.”

On being vulnerable: “I feel like my secret magic trick that separates me from a lot of my peers is the bravery to be vulnerable and truthful and honest. I think you become more relatable when you’re vulnerable. When you try to market yourself like some supernatural figurine who can’t be fucked with, I always resort back to Scripture: ‘Pride comes before a fall.'”

On Prism, her new album: “I thought it was going to be a lot darker – acoustic or Fiona Apple-y. You know, a ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ vibe.”

On the dark hours following her split from ex-husband Russell Brand: “There were two weeks of my life after I found out the truth of my marriage where I was like, ‘OK. All right. I can’t feel this. This is too intense right now.’ I was, like, just eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and drinking, and that’s it.”

On her relationship with her parents: “People don’t understand that I have a great relationship with my parents – like, how that can exist. There isn’t any judgment. They don’t necessarily agree with everything I do, but I don’t necessarily agree with everything they do. They’re at peace with – they pray for me is what they do. They’re fascinated with the idea that they created someone who has this much attention on her. My parents are Republicans, and I’m not. They didn’t vote for Obama, but when I was asked to sign at the inauguration, they were like, ‘We can come.’ And I was like, ‘No, you can’t.’ They understood, but I was like, ‘How dare you?’ in a way.”

On practicing Transcendental Meditation: “the best thing I got out of my previous relationship, because it was introduced to me via my ex-husband.”

On her on-and-off relationship with boyfriend John Mayer: “I took a break from my boyfriend, not one that I wanted. It was like a splash of cold water to search inward on what was going on with me. That is what let me to this new awakening, this realizing, If I don’t do some self-love, I’m not going to be able to keep the love that I want. I still needed to deal with all of my ex-husband stuff. I hadn’t. It’s almost like if I kept talking about it, it would seem like I actually cared about it. I don’t.


On having kids: “I’m definitely not there yet, and I can’t plan that far in advance. When I decide to have a family, I’ll just want to be Mom for a little bit.[Brand] really wanted me to have children, and I knew I wasn’t ready – I think it was a way of control. I think it was part of, If I have a kid, then I would have to sacrifice – I’d have to be home more. I really wanted to, but I knew I wasn’t ready for it. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, let’s have a kid because we’re in love.”

On boyfriend John Mayer: “He’s just a fantastic partner. I’ve been a fan of his for such a long time. He’s got a brilliant, brilliant mind. It’s a rad, mature relationship.”

Photo credit: Regan Cameron/Marie Claire

Wale Goes OFF On Complex Magazine Reporter For Not Making Annual List

MMG Pop-Up Shop

Wale is not a happy camper. During an interview with Complex magazine he absolutely goes CRAY on the reporter JUST because he did not make the Complex magazine annual top album of 2013 list because apparently this list is the end all do all???

Check out the highlights below.

Complex editor: Well, no I’m not to be the person that tells you that. It’s not a personal thing man. It’s ya know, we sit…Wale interrupts

Wale: You mean to tell me Juicy J album better than mine? Is that what you tryin’ to tell me? You mean to tell me, everybody on that f*cking list…Boy! Don’t play me, man! I try, I came at you, civil right now, but it could go completely in another direction. Right now, respect me dog. Respect me dog! Like respect the f*cking culture right now, man! Because right now, it’s like some petty shit goin’ on right now and I’m tryin’ to get to the bottom of it in a civil manner, yo!

Complex editor: There’s no disrespect, man. Straight up I really…Wale interrupts

Wale: F*CK YOU DOG! You know it’s disrespect! Every f*cking time dog, I swear to God I’ll come into that office and start knocking n*ggas the f*ck out! You wanna to see some ghetto ignorant sh*t?! Cause that’s what y’all promote. It’s the only thing that y’all promote from n*ggas is ghetto ignorant shit! You want me to do that?! Cause right now you giving me the same song and dance like I’m a f*cking idiot! You think I’m a f*cking idiot?! Is that what you tryin’ to tell me?!

Complex editor: No man, not at all.

Wale: (inaudible)…I think you think I’m a f*cking idiot, dog! Cause y’all always do this sh*t! How the f*ck you mean to tell me my album ain’t in (inaudible) the top 50? That’s what you believe? Or if you saw me in the street would you be like ‘Aww dude, aww sh*t, I think your sh*t is great, man” (mockingly) W-w-which one is it? Cause if I see one of y’all, y’all going to tell me that to my face!

Complex editor: Let me tell you something. When we make these lists, we all get together, we have a big staff meeting and we debate the list for hours. And we consider lots and lots of artists. More than 50 artists, maybe 100, maybe 200 artists

Wale: Alright, alright, I’ll see y’all n*ggas tomorrow, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, how about that? Get the security ready. Hangs up.

Um, good thing he wasn’t actually physically IN the same room as the Complex editor. Just sayin’.

Image via Wireimage

Demi Lovato: “I Couldn’t go 30 Minutes To An Hour Without Cocaine”


So you were wondering just HOW bad Demi Lovato’s drug problems were? Well, now that she is clean, we can tell you this. Her addiction to drugs was pretty darn bad. Like excruciatingly bad to where she could have died if she had not have snapped out of her funk. And we get it…you can die from any amount of drugs in your system, but the amount of drugs Demi was doing was insane.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Lovato said, “With my drug use…I couldn’t go 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine, and I would bring it on airplanes. I would smuggle it basically and just wait until everyone in first class would go to sleep, and I would do it right there. I’d sneak to the bathroom and I’d do it. That’s how difficult it got.”

And she figured out that help is what she needed.

“I was going to the airport and I had a Sprite bottle just filled with vodka, and it was just nine in the morning and I was throwing up in the car. … When I hit that moment I was like, it’s no longer fun when you’re doing it alone,” she added. “I think at 19 years old, I had a moment where I was like, ‘Oh my God … that is alcoholic behavior … I gotta get my s*** together.’”

Well geez, at least she came to her senses! With that kind of addiction…every half hour to an hour…all day long?!! Wow.

Here’s hoping she stays on the clean and sober bandwagon.

Selena Gomez Jingle Ball Rage: Singer Swears, Storms Off Stage!


Maybe she’s not so innocent? Yeah I’m talking about Selena Gomez. Jingle Ball rage was in full effect today as the singer swore and stormed off stage at KIIS-FM’s annual concert.

Apparently there were some sound issues that caused the singer frustration.

According to US Weekly Gomez dropped the f-bomb and then yelled to the crowd, “Sorry, the sound isn’t working!” It’s just a shame that the audience filled mostly of young children heard Selena go cray.

She went on to add, “Are you guys having a good night? I promise, a lot cooler people are gonna come out tonight. Is it okay if I perform two more songs and you guys can get to it?”

It wasn’t just one time either that the issues with her “sound” happened.

She addressed the crowd once again saying, “I have to thank you guys so much for allowing me to be able to perform the music that I love. And I have to say that before you guys go on to the people that you care about, I really appreciate you supporting everything that I do. So this next song is the first song I had hit No. 1, and it’s called ‘Come & Get It’.”

Selena ended up leaving before finishing up her set.

Hear Selena throw the F-bomb here!

I think she may have handled the situation a tad better than Miss Ashlee Simpson did.

Ya think?

Image via Wireimage